Husband live-streams wife’s torture and demands Rs 37 lakh dowry from her family

Husband live-streams wife’s torture and demands Rs 37 lakh dowry from her family

Over a webcam call with her parents in New Delhi, Gagandeep brutally beat up and tortured Daljeet, constantly demanding Rs 37 lakh as 'promised' dowry.

Just when you thought you have read and seen everything about domestic violence, comes another shocker. This time all the way from Germany to New Delhi.

Just days after Daljeet Kaur, 28, posted a love message on on Facebook that read, "Love lasts forever. My life is great with you;" her husband of one year Gagandeep S., 35,  live-streamed her torture.

Husband live-streams torture to her family!

He made a video call to her parents living in New Delhi, from their home near Munich in Germany, and along with his brother Amandeep, 21, reportedly beat and abused Daljeet in front of them.

They also asked the family to dish out Rs 37 lakh as dowry and threatened to kill Daljeet if the money was not released.


Incidentally, as the husband and his brother continued to beat her up leading to a severely bleeding face and a black eye, one of the family members—who was watching the horror—sneaked out of the room to call a friend so he could inform the police.

The friend then immediately informed the Munich Police who reportedly rushed to her aid.

But by the time the police reached, Daljeet had ran off from her home and was later found on the streets begging for help.

"At one stage her husband threatened to kill her. And her parents were witnessing this"

Police chief Josef Wimmer, who handled the case told the local daily, “We feared the worst when we got there. Both of the men were seriously drunk. Her husband was demanding a dowry of Rs 37 lakh (50,000 euros) from her parents which he claimed they promised him to marry her but which was not paid."

He also added that Daljeet had suffered immense abuse at the hands of her husband.

"She suffered massive abuse. At one stage her husband threatened to kill her. And her parents were witnessing this, powerless to stop him," he added.

Fortunately, Gagandeep and Amandeep were arrested by the police on charges of "grievous bodily harm, blackmail and attempted robbery."

While they have been kept in police custody, Daljeet is now living with an organisation that cares for victims of domestic violence.

Horrific cases of domestic violence and dowry

This case is a grim reminder of more such horrid cases of domestic violence and dowry. Just a few months ago, in an shocking incident a man living in the UK reportedly called his own parents from India to beat up his 'disobedient' wife.

In this case, the 33-year-old Silky Gaind was brutally beaten up by her husband and in-laws. Her ordeal ended only when her parents called the UK authorities from India.

Closer home in New Delhi, a resident of Vikaspuri, the 24-year-old Parvinder Kaur was reportedly set ablaze by her own husband and in-laws, after she failed to meet their escalating dowry demands.

She was found by the police when they received a phone call about a woman being set on fire. They reached the spot to find Kaur lying next to some charred clothes as well as a few buckets.

Unfortunately, these are just a few cases, but they remind us that from educated PhDs to CAs, girls are dying at the hands of greedy in-laws.

When will our boys learn?

And, inspite of stringent laws and orders by the Supreme Court to treat daughters-in-law like family and not housemaids, many women continue to face the wrath of greedy in-laws.

So we ask, how long will women continue to be treated like objects? Is our education system failing to teach boys basic human rights?

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