Hubby Riteish just can't keep his eyes off 'sundar baiko' Genelia!

Hubby Riteish just can't keep his eyes off 'sundar baiko' Genelia!

Read on to know what compliment Riteish left for Genelia after she posted a picture of her all dressed up in traditional finery.

That Riteish and Genelia are a made for each other couple is a known fact. Despite being married for four years now and having two babies in between, the duo are so madly in love and leave no opportunity to compliment each other.

A social media conversation that happened between the two a couple of days back is yet another proof that the couple just can't keep their eyes off each other. Here's what happened.

So, Genelia was all dressed up in traditional finery for Ganpati celebrations at designer Manish Malhotra's home. The gorgeous new mommy looked resplendent in a baby pink long kurta and palazzo pants as she posted a picture on Instagram thanking the designer behind the creation.



However, hubby Riteish promptly replied to his wife with a compliment that would melt the heart of any wife. He posted a message on Twitter saying that it was Genelia who was looking beautiful: बायको!! तुम्ही सुंदर दिसताय.

Now, isn't that a lovely compliment to hear from your husband after having two babies and being married for four years. Husbands can surely take cues from Riteish on how to keep their wives happy.

Read on to know what compliments wives love to hear from their husbands!

1. Praising their looks: Every woman loves to be told that she is looking beautiful, particularly if she is wearing a new dress or jewellery. Needless to say, husbands should never lose on any opportunity to praise their wives good looks.

2. Appreciating their efforts: Wives put in a lot of effort keeping their families together and managing their house, kids, husbands et al with ease. That said, it would certainly do no harm to you if you compliment your wife for her housekeeping skills.

3. Complimenting her for being a great mother: It takes a lot of effort and patience to raise kids and take care of their daily needs, especially when there is no one around to help your wife. Husbands should always encourage and praise their wives for their exceptional skills as a mother.

4. Complimenting her when she's tired: It can be quite a task to raise kids, manage the work and home all at the same time. While it is a known fact that all women are good multitaskers, asking your wife to take a break and praising her for all the good work would only elevate her mood.

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[Image courtesy: Instagram]
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