Hubby Ajay Devgn suffers from THIS disorder, reveals wife Kajol

Hubby Ajay Devgn suffers from THIS disorder, reveals wife Kajol

Kajol on the one habit of Ajay Devgn that no one knows about...

Let's admit, we all have that one phobia or kind of a disorder that only we know that exists. But if you're married, chances are your wife knows about it too because she's the one who has to deal with it every single day.

Bollywood actress and mum of two kids Kajol also knows quite a few phobias that hubby Ajay Devgan suffers from but the one that beats it all is his obsession with cleanliness.

Ajay Devgn is a cleanliness freak...

Yes, that's right. But it is one thing that Kajol also believes in and practices every day with her kids.

"Ajay is the first one to wash hands at home before doing any task. Yes, he is fond of cooking and does surprise us every now and then but he makes sure that the kitchen is clean before and after as he has OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) and is a complete cleanliness freak," said Kajol at an event an event on hand washing by Lifebouy in Mumbai today.

"Hand washing is such a simple, cost-effective way to say bye-bye to a number of diseases which can save so many lives in India, which is why I am proud to be associated with this program," added Kajol.

"I learn from my kids every day"

Stressing on the importance of handwashing Kajol says that it is such a simple thing but one that can make a huge difference in the lives of kids, especially the ones living in the interiors of India.

At the event, Kajol also introduced young girl guides who will be hand washing heroes and spread the message of hand washing to other people in their area.


#HACR5 & @wagggs_world association is amazing! Here are a few girl heroes ;) #lifebuoysoap

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It's a known fact that Kajol is Lifebouy's Help A Child Reach 5 ambassador and to take this program to a new level Lifebuoy has tied up with World Association of Girl Guides and Scouts to encourage girls and heroes to take lead within their communities and make an impact through teaching the lifesaving habit of handwashing.

"There are so many things that we learn from our kids every day. Since the time I was pregnant, until today that my kids are older, I learn so many things from them every day. I think my biggest gurus are my kids and they teach me so many new things every day.. sometimes through their habits and sometimes through their point of view," added Kajol.


Milk moustaches always make life more fun! Happy birthday to my milk moustache????.

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However, there is this one thing that she has learned the most bringing up her kids and that is "the most important thing that I have learned from them is patience. Has to be patience," said Kajol.

Well, all mums would agree with that, right?

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