Hrithik Roshan and ex-wife Sussanne might REUNITE soon for the love of their kids

Hrithik Roshan and ex-wife Sussanne might REUNITE soon for the love of their kids

A very sensible decision by the couple.

Three years ago when the news of Bollywood couple Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan’s divorce came about, it left everyone stunned and shocked.

Hrithik-Sussane’s marriage was one of the few super successful stories in tinsel town that survived many rumours and their bond seemed rock solid. The failure, of this 13-year-long marriage, led many to believe that perhaps high profile marriages suffer the similar sad fate.

However, if the new reports are anything to go by then Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan may be considering coming back together, this time perhaps for their two growing sons.

As reported in leading daily, Roshan has just bought another house near his own home so that Sussanne and his two boys can move in closer to daddy and the family can spend more time together.

There are also reports that the couple may be considering this drastic move for the sake of their kids who if reports are to be believed have been unable to concentrate on their academics.


While it may indeed be a great idea if the couple reconciles as it will give hope to many people in the permanency of relationships, we will have to wait till the time there is any confirmation from their side.  

If the celeb couple chooses to go that way, it would also set an example that if parenting and other complicated issues involving relationships are handled in a mature manner, a common ground may be reached.

In these past years since their divorce, both Hrithik and Sussane have been handling their relationship in a very mature manner. Not only is Sussanne seen taking regular holidays with her boys she also posts pictures on social media of her babies with their dad Hrithik Roshan. Case in point is the New Year vacation to Dubai with their kids.

The ex-couplee has also been spotted together for dinner outings and other social events. A few months ago Sussanne also posted a picture on her Instagram where both she and Hrithik were seen having a good time in the company of mutual friends Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar.

Happy troopers #easylikesundaymorning ????☺️

A post shared by Sussanne Khan (@suzkr) on

From the way both Sussanne and Hrithik have been acknowledging each other’s presence and have been coming together for important occasions in order to give a normal parenting to their kids has indeed been commendable.

We only wish that the couple goes ahead and takes the best decision for their family.

The tricky waters of co-parenting

But if you too have been wading through the tricky waters of co-parenting or are in the midst of a divorce where growing kids are involved then psychologists suggest that it is best that the parents handle the situation in the most mature manner. Here are some tips if you are considering co-parenting your kids.

  • Rise above the bitterness: A failed marriage always involves broken hearts and frayed emotions. But despite the bitter feelings if you choose to give your kids a fair time with both parents then it is important that you let go of negativity in between. Relationship counselors say that kids with their young impressionable minds can often perceive unspoken tensions between their parents.Especially because they are young and unable to understand the real complexities leading to a divorce they can form their own opinions that can do more emotional damage. When you are together as a family rise above any differences and just give your kids a happy experience of having both their parents together with them.
  • Respect your spouse: This should especially be true in front of your kids. Always remember that your spouse is also your kid’s father/mother. They need to learn that they must respect both of you and the example should come from the parents themselves.
  • No sob stories: Sometimes you may want to share with your kids on how you felt wronged but hold your horses. Remember the kids are much younger and they do not need any negative energy so early in their lives. Also, it's unfair to give any forced perspective. When they grow they are free to form their opinions on what went wrong with their parents but while they are children just help them discover all the joys in life and not the sad tales.
  • Be cheerful: A mourning parent is the last thing a child wants to see at home. Behave as if things are normal and you are capable of handling this challenge. Yes, a few days after your separation can feel like hell but you have to bundle up the courage for your kids. Remember they too are going through a tough time and that too for no fault of theirs.
  • Talk to them: When something as drastic as a separation happens in a family it’s important, to be honest with kids. Tell them that their parents have decided to go separate ways but encourage them to come and talk to you about it.Without any blame game or passing the buck, explain, it to them that you can still maintain a cordial relation as a family. Always keep the door open for them should they want to cry or tell you that they feel bad even abnormal in front of their friends. The more you talk the more you will overcome the feelings together.

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