So what's your Birth Plan?

So what's your Birth Plan?

How you would want your baby delivered should be your decision too. Draw up a birth plan for yourself that your medical team can refer to

Congratulations on your pregnancy! While you must be busy making sure you get all the tests done, ensuring all the check ups are in place, even shopping for baby clothes, have you made a birth plan yet?

What’s that you ask? A birth plan is a document that tells your doctor and the hospital staff how you’d like your labour and delivery to progress. Have you never really thought about it?

Possibly you have, but just never written out your thoughts. For instance, you are sure of who should be next to you during labour and whether you want your baby to be rested on you as soon as you deliver. Just writing this out in a step-wise, basic, simple manner that anyone around you can comprehend would mean putting together a birth plan.

While doctors and medical assistants in India are still not open to the idea of a birth plan, you could make a start by listing out important things that you want during labour and immediately post delivery. It would also make immense sense to speak to your gynaec or doula about your birth plan and discuss each point to ensure no last minute hiccups.

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Birth Plan: Helps your primary caretakers and gynaecologist know about your labour preferences

Here are a few pointers to help you prepare your birth plan:

Do you have any drug allergies?

What birthing aids would you like? (A birthing pool, birthing stool, birthing ball, aromatherapy, music, heat packs)

Are you willing to have labour induced?

What is your attitude toward pain relief?

Are you willing to have an emergency C-section if required?

Who do you want in the room with you when you deliver and/or need a C-section?

Do you have any special wishes for the first moments after your baby is born?

Do you want your baby cleaned before he is given to you or do you want him put into your arms immediately?

What are your desires in regard to breastfeeding?

Have you opted for stem cell banking?

Would you want to store the placenta?

Would you want the umbilical cord to be given to you (in some religious practices, it is preserved for years)?

How would you want your newborn to be cared for? (No soap, soft pre-washed clothes, etc)

Would you like your newborn to sleep in the same room as you?

Remember that your birth plan is an empowering tool that you can use to communicate with the medical staff to ensure a smooth delivery. It is chance of a lifetime – make sure it is special!

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Written by

Harshikaa Udasi

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