Here's how Urmila Matondkar met her husband Mohsin Akhtar and fell in love!

Here's how Urmila Matondkar met her husband Mohsin Akhtar and fell in love!

The couple tied the knot in March last year at Urmila Matondkar's residence in Mumbai

The Rangeela girl broke many hearts when she tied the knot with Kashmir-based businessman Mohsin Akhtar Mir, 32, in a private ceremony on March 3, last year. Urmila Matondkar's husband is surely a stunner!

The Hindu ceremony was simple and was held at Matondkar's residence in Mumbai. Interestingly, it did not include any famous faces, except her close friend and designer Manish Malhotra.

She even released a statement soon after the nuptials.

A close private wedding

"We kept it an exclusive wedding with just family and friends at the celebration. Since our families wanted the wedding to be a low-key affair, we mutually decided to keep it private. We seek your blessings on embarking this new journey of our lives,” shared the 42-year-old.

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The actor who has proved that age is just a number, given that her husband is 10 years younger to her, is now enjoying a blissful married life. Having worked in Bollywood since she was a kid, she is now relishing her time as a homemaker.

She even joined Instagram recently and has been posting rather cute photographs with her hubby, who now lives with her in her Turner Road residence in Mumbai.

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Interestingly, apart from being a businessman, Mir was also a model. He in fact, played a cameo in Zoya Akhtar’s debut film, Luck By Chance and was seen in the song Sapnon Se Bhare Naina.

But how did Urmila meet Mohsin? Well, here's an interesting love story.

Continue reading to see how Urmila Matondkar met her husband Mohsin Akhtar Mir. 

How Urmila Matondkar's husband came into her life

While Urmila and Mohsin now enjoy a quiet life together as husband and wife, it wasn't such a simple story earlier. They came from different religious backgrounds, different upbringings and were able to create a new life together, despite the differences.

While Matondkar was an established actor and had worked in big hits like Daud, Satya, Bhoot, Pinjar and Judai, Mir was a struggling model-turned-actor who at the age of 21, left his family business in Kashmir to pursue his dreams.

He ran off to Mumbai and started working as a model. But only recently met Matondkar in a chance encounter.

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Mir who had reportedly worked with Manish Malhotra on few of his shows and was invited to Malhotra's niece's wedding in 2014, where Matondkar was also invited a guest.

Naturally, when the two met, sparks flew and Mir instantly fell in love with the bubbly actress. He then pursued her and finally asked for her hand in marriage. And the rest, as we know now, is history.

It is quite logical then that the couple chose to invite Malhotra to their private wedding ceremony.

As the couple close in on one year of marital bliss, their pictures surely suggest that they are enjoying their time together. We can take a cue from them and work on just these three things to sustain marital bliss.

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3 ways to sustain marital bliss

  • Practice forgiveness and be kind: Any marriage can be successful and happy if a couple makes a conscious effort to practice kindness and forgiveness. Don't just expect these two traits from your partner, but also ensure that you extend them on your behalf as well.
  • Focus on your vision: Every couple has a vision for the future, so forget everything else and all those who are not important in your relationship, and focus on your vision. Make an effort to work towards fulfillment of that vision and make a plan together.
  • Spend time together: Make sure to spend time with each other, whether it is to eat together, go out together or just hang out at home together. You should try to do most activities together, in order to not only get to know each other better, but also to develop more love and understanding for each other.

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