How to tackle binge drinking and gastro problems in December

How to tackle binge drinking and gastro problems in December

Dr Rakesh Tandon explains how you can take care of binge drinking and gastro problems during the holiday season

December is a month full of festivities, celebrations and fun. People bid adieu to the passing year, celebrate Christmas and welcome New Year. But in the process, these celebrations often get tainted with certain evils. One of them is excessive drinking. That can spoil the fun as also have a long-term effect.

Some of the common consequences of binge drinking are:

  • Loss of propriety and control on language and behaviour are the immediate consequences of a drunken state
  • Use of foul language or uncouth behaviour
  • Long-term effect can be loss of friendship or intimate relationship and even financial losses
  • Road accidents and various other incidents also increase exponentially under the influence of alcohol. So, it's advisable that you book a cab instead or go for car-pooling.
  • During year-end celebrations, there are numerous check points with breath alcohol testing. Testing positive for over the maximum allowed limit can be really costly, both in terms of fines as well as loss of driving privileges. And even if you want to drive, you should drive your car slowly and also drink less.

Harmful effects of binge drinking on health

  • Binge drinking hits the head fast and also results in nausea, vomiting and retching. Diluting your drink with soda or water helps minimise both these effects.
  • Secondly, you should keep eating snacks and socialising while taking small sips of your favourite drink.

Your focus at the party should be on meeting and chatting with people rather than on drinking. After all that is what the party is for!

Hangovers are not easy to treat. Here are some useful suggestions if you are binge drinking:

  • Take lime water or strong coffee bestow limited benefit and you may still have to miss your office or date next morning.
  • The darker the drinks, the commoner and harder are the hangovers. In other words, light colour or colourless drinks like gin and vodka produce lesser hangover than whisky and rum. So, go for the latter ones to avoid such hard circumstances.

Harmful effects of overeating in parties

In winters, overeating has its ill effects too– distension and discomfort in the abdomen, burping, acidic reflux and an untimely urge to move your bowels. The popular ‘gassy’ abdomen and acid reflux may disturb your sleep and leads to a less energetic personality.

Fatty or chilled food are most notorious to cause these side effects. So, eat more veggies, salad and fruits. Non vegetarian food, especially when not accompanied with much of vegetables and fruits, produces bad breath and lethargy. Alcohol excess adds further to the bad odour, making you not a very pleasant company to have during parties. So, be careful, take everything in moderation and enjoy the parties!


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