How to reduce stretch marks? Munch sprouts

How to reduce stretch marks? Munch sprouts

Worried about how bad those ‘war stripes’ will look post delivery? Read this to know how to reduce stretch marks

Embrace them with a smile or fret over them, stretch marks are a natural fallout of pregnancy. But did you know that eating right can reduce the possibility of stretch marks? Fit For Birth’s dietician and nutritionist, Charmi Gala tells us it is possible.

“Indian females are supposed to consume 60 gms of protein every day. It is extremely essential to do this as it helps in reducing the occurrence of stretch marks later,” she says. “Also, don’t overcook. Indian-style cooking tends to overcook everything and micronutrients get lost while doing so,” she adds.

Here’s how to reduce stretch marks with diet planning.

  • Consume more of cheese, curds, milk, soy milk, flavoured yoghurts and paneer: Milk and milk products are great but don’t opt for regular pasteurized butter. Replace it with traditional homemade butter and feel the difference.
  • Include multigrain flour in your diet: While you include multigrain flour in your diet, read the label to make sure that it is whole grain multigrain.
  • Munch on sprouts: Snacking on sprouts is the best thing to do during your pregnancy. Sprinkle some chaat masala on it to give it a zing.
  • Eat more of fish and chicken: Fish with its Omega 3 fatty acids is great for reducing the occurrence of stretch marks. Also, you must prefer chicken over other types of meat.
  • Look for Vitamin C: Raw mangoes and citrus fruits and juices offer ample of Vitamin C. It is very necessary to maintain the elasticity of the skin lining and also to keep itching at bay.

“It is important not to go overboard with ghee or oil. But please don’t avoid ghee or oil. Also, it is essential to massage potential stretch marks areas with creams containing olive oil and butter cream,” signs off Charmi.

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