Useful tips to reduce indoor air pollution at home

Useful tips to reduce indoor air pollution at home

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Pregnant mums love to spend their time in prepping up the house to welcome their little ones. Whether it is setting up your baby’s room or buying baby essentials, you want everything to be just perfect for your baby. And that also includes giving your baby a clean and safe air to breathe at home. But with rising pollution levels in cities maintaining good indoor air quality is getting difficult by the day. So, how to reduce indoor air pollution in your home to give a safe environment to your little one?

Avantika, mum to a six-year-old, shares some useful tips in this video. Take a look.

Whether elderly or young, rising pollution levels affect everyone alike. This is especially true about the indoor air because indoor air pollution is 10 times riskier than that outside. That’s why indoor air pollution is a cause of concern for many parents.

How to reduce indoor air pollution in your home?

Before moving on to ways to improve indoor air quality, let’s find out what causes indoor air pollution. 

Reasons behind increasing indoor pollution

Common household products majorly contribute towards dropping the air quality in your homes, Mum. Right from air fresheners and perfumes to detergents, floor cleaners, mosquito repellants, insect sprays, cooking fumes. The list just goes on! These are part of our daily routine, and all of them increase the pollution levels in your homes.Most of these products release allergens like volatile organic compounds or VOCs,  microbes and chemicals.

How Does Indoor Air Pollution Affect Us?

Indoor air pollution starts affecting your baby even before they are born. Reports suggest that it can shorten the lifespan. Among the less grave effects, it can cause asthma and other respiratory conditions; in both, children as well as elder people. The immune system of infants or young children is still developing and delicate. So, the toxins in the air can affect their lungs.

Tips on how to reduce indoor air pollution in your home

how to reduce indoor air pollution in your home

How to reduce indoor air pollution in your home? | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

Following some simple things in your day to day life can help you in keeping indoor air clean and fresh.

  1. One of the simplest solutions can be to use a reputed air purifier like Dr Aeroguard. You can place it in the baby’s room, or in the bedroom where the baby spends most of their time.
  2. You can call Eureka Forbes sales person to your place for a check of indoor pollution and this process is done for free. Pollution levels can be checked using a machine.
  3. Apart from that, the surface where your baby sleeps can be disinfected by Eureka Forbes UV Sanitisers. It kills all the dust mites with its UV. Eureka Forbes Euroclean Health Pro UV Bed Sanitiser can also be used for disinfecting the bed, curtains and getting rid of the dust mites, bacteria and viruses in your surroundings.
  4. You can focus on building the immunity of your baby through diet. Even as your little one grows up, you can continue to do this.
  5. In case of older kids, you can get them into a habit of practicing suitable breathing exercises. 
  6. If possible, you can reduce and restrict the usage of certain products like room fresheners. Instead, you could use other ways to keep the rooms fresh. For example, when cooking you can switch on the exhaust fans to let the fumes out immediately. 
  7. Most importantly, allowing enough sunlight into the house and keeping the house ventilated can also be of great help.

These useful tips will definitely help you create a better indoor atmosphere for your baby. Naturally, it will also help you worry less about your little one’s health.

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