How to raise a child with 'Sanskars' in this generation

How to raise a child with 'Sanskars' in this generation

You may look at your childhood and keep wondering what will your kids learn in today's time and generation. The fact is raising a child with moral values and sanskars is not only difficult, but it takes extra time and effort during a busy schedule.

There are 6 things that you could be looking at to raise a 'sanskari' child.


How to raise a child with 'Sanskars' in this generation


1) Do not over pamper

We sometimes do remember that we had to struggle for every small thing as a child, ask a  zillion times before we got what we demanded. During this super busy schedule, one tends to feel guilty about not being able to spend much time to the little ones.

Hence many-a-times, without realizing, parents tend to over-do stuff for their kids, even before they ask. This leads to a child with high expectation and lower patience level. Try to inculcate virtues like patience and earning something in life even if you have the capacity to provide materialistic things to your child.

2) Early to bed-early to rise

Whether you agree or not, this day an generation need a very important thing- time management with proper sleep. With PS4's, video games and late night games, kids tend to wake up late and sleep late as well.

If you consciously try and wake up early with them and sleep early (atleast pretend), they not only have a good set of sleeping pattern, but also increase their stamina and capacity to do more things and be disciplined at the same time.


How to raise a child with 'Sanskars' in this generation


3) Practice what you preach

If you keep telling your child not to eat junk food while eating a pack of chips yourself, do you think they will follow? Yes, no one said parenthood would be easy, but it involves a lot of sacrifice. Do and eat whatever you want to when kids are not around. Always make sure in front of the kids, you practice what you preach.

4) Attitude of Gratitude

Praying and being grateful for everything is very important. Attitude of gratitude, not only makes kids grounded, but also rarely they end up taking things for granted. Understanding that everything that they get or that people do for them, is not their birth right, but a blessing. Learn to appreciate more and criticize less in front of your children.


How to raise a child with 'Sanskars' in this generation


5) Making children Independent

The fear of a child failing or forgetting you does hamper your actions unconsciously. Many parents try to make their kids dependent on them, in terms of taking decisions or completing an activity. Making a child independent, yet rooted is the need of the hour. Know and accept that most of the kids are ambitious and would like to end up taking their own route once they grow up.

6) Respect

The golden rule of behaviour. You may disagree with your child or other elders, but that doesn't mean 'respect' needs to be at stake. Similarly a child needs to learn the same virtue since they are a toddler. A parent needs to teach their child that every one is different with different strengths and ideas. By doing so, not only the child will start respecting people and ideas, but also the chances of them turning into a bully will be less.

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