How to flirt when you are married

How to flirt when you are married

You can try the art of flirting to add some zing to the regular routine of your life, thereby bringing back the romance in your relationship.

flirtFlirting is not just for singles. It can be quite useful in a relationship such as marriage to bring freshness and add some zing to the regular routine. It makes your partner feel dynamic, confident and desirable.

It is an attitude you should develop with confidence, a positive attitude and with enthusiasm. It’s all about being playful, light hearted, and spontaneous. One way you can flirt is by playfully drawing attention to that body part which your partner likes the most. This lets your partner know that you still find them desirable and are eager to please.

Flirting can also involve close physical contact such as touching, whispering, showing love and affection. Positive body language and enhanced physical contact releases feel-good endorphins in the body, so that you feel happier. You can flirt while taking a walk in a park, dancing or even while having lunch. Another great way to flirt is by having playful eye contact and speaking in body language only your partner can understand.

You can also use phrases like ‘Hey, good looking!” or use nick names that you used from your courtship days, to surprise and make a tantalizing conversation with you partner.

Both of you can have a lot of fun doing this and trust me, it really works!

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