How to discipline a child without hitting; 5 time-tested ways

How to discipline a child without hitting; 5 time-tested ways

There are many effective ways to help you learn how to discipline a child without hitting - even while dealing with a hard-headed kid.

In spite of the best parenting techniques and mature handling, there are times when even the most balanced parents just can’t cope when faced with a misbehaving child.

Guilt, remorse, anger and stress - spanking or any corporal punishment brings about a stream of intense emotions for mothers. In fact, the entire process of disciplining can get much more stressful for the parent than for the child.

Fortunately, as with all other traits of parenting, this one, too, has a solution. The most difficult situations can be solved with the right mindset and a little forethought.

Read on for five time-tested and proven ways which will help you understand how to discipline a child without hitting and get the message across.

How to Discipline a Child Without Hitting

1. Take a time out

spanking leads to bad behaviour

Even the best of parents fail to manage the situation at times. Instead of reacting sharply, practice taking time out. A time out is cutting out all conversation and contact with your child for a time period. The purpose here is to isolate the parent and child from each other so that the situation doesn't aggravate further.

Here are a few effective techniques to apply the moment you feel your anger getting the better of you:

  • Distance yourself from your child for a few minutes.
  • Just maintain silence for a few minutes and then start doing some other activity.
  • Instruct your child to stay in the corner for five minutes.
  • Write down your feelings.

2. Give a realistic punishment

For instance, if your child is very fond of cycling, the right way to punish for his misbehaviour is to have him discontinue his cycling routine for a few days. This will work better than any form of physical punishment.

3. Get your child to write

Effective communication can have amazing effects, even with small children. Kids have a very well-developed sense of logic at an early age. Once your child has misbehaved, have him sit down and write an apology. The child will find it difficult to write but the only solution is to be firm. When he has written down few lines of apology, he is likely to realize the impact of his behaviour in a better manner.

4. Set a timeline

Say your child has misbehaved and you are on the verge of losing your control. After you’ve had the time out, sit with him and talk. Set a clear timeline for him time to mend his ways. State a realistic punishment which will be given if the problem recurs. Once done, stick to your warnings and implement the said punishment.

5. Assign chores

When your child misbehaves, you can try to divert his energy into different directions. Assign him certain important household chores, even if he doesn’t like doing them. The unpleasantness of doing the task will be enough punishment for him.


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Written by

Jasmin Pannu

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