How to celebrate a safe and healthy Holi festival with your kids

How to celebrate a safe and healthy Holi festival with your kids

The festival of colours is here again and the kids are getting their water pistons ready! Read our tips on how to celebrate a safe and healthy holi festival and make it a fun-filled occasion for the entire family!

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Try to use natural colours this Holi

Holi is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable festivals celebrated in India. Both adults and children alike look forward to celebrating this colourful spring festival with their loved ones.

Kids specially love the Holi festival as they can run amok with their friends and scream with glee while  playing with water to their heart’s content.

However, amidst the riot of colours, we hear about many unpleasant events that occur during the festival. Incidents of skin and eye damage, poisoning and injuries due to use of water balloons and toxic colours have made the Holi festival more dangerous than enjoyable. These incidents make many a parent anxious about letting their children be a part of the festivities.

With certain safety precautions, the entire family can celebrate the Holi festival with uninhibited enthusiasm and welcome the season of Phalgun (Spring) with a bang! Read the following tips to celebrate a happy and safe Holi festival with your kids.

Tips to celebrate a safe and healthy Holi

  • On the eve of Rang Panchmi, keep your kids at a safe distance from the Holi bonfire.
  • Use organic and natural colours made from herbs or flowers to play with. Artificial colours often contain harmful chemicals and dyes which may harm your child’s sensitive skin and eyes. Try to buy branded Holi colours as they are generally safer. You can also make your own organic and natural colours at home by using flowers, herbs and leaves.
  • Educate children to use Mother Nature’s resources judiciously. Request them not to waste too much water. Ask them to avoid throwing water balloons from a distance as they may injure someone grievously. Also discourage them from playing Holi with eggs or sewage water.
  • Ask your child to close his eyes or mouth tight when he comes in contact with the coloured powders or water. Advise him to ask for help immediately if the colours touch his  eyes.
  • Avoid stepping out during Holi time if you or your child suffers from asthma, bronchitis, skin allergies or eczema. The dry colours in the air may worsen the condition.
  • Dress your child in old, used clothes (preferably full-sleeved T-shirts and full-length pants/leggings) which you don’t mind ruining. Add on a cap for good measure.
  • Layer your child’s skin with copious amounts of thick oil-like sesame oil, petroleum jelly or sun block lotion to protect it from the colours before the festivities begin. Oil your child’s hair as well as it will be easier to wash later. You can apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the nails to shield them from strong colours.
  • Bathe with warm water and a mild soap to wash off the colour powder. Try using a paste of chickpea flour (besan) and yogurt to scrub the body clean.
  • Feasting is an integral part of Holi. Beware of adulterated sweets during the festival. Feed your child only good quality or homemade sweets. Use a tissue to pick up the food to avoid the Holi colours from getting into them.
  • Avoid foods that are too cold. The changing weather conditions during this time of the month may make your child susceptible to colds and coughs.
  • Intoxicating drinks like bhang are allowed during the Holi festival. Do not over consume the bhang lassi as it may have unpleasant side effects. Importantly, keep your children away from it.
  • Ensure that your child is safe. If your child is too young, she may get overwhelmed by the noise. Kids tend to feel lost in a large crowd specially when they do not recognise adults’ faces under the mask of the Holi colours. Enjoy responsibly.

A very happy, safe and enjoyable Holi to all of you!

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