Must watch: Burp your baby after each meal with these 4 simple steps

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Watch this video to understand how to burp your baby after each meal to relieve him off acidity and indigestion

Feeding a newborn can be a exciting activity for parents. It can also be intimidating, since you do not know what to expect. But there is one aspect of feeding that all new parents must get used to- burp your baby.

Burping helps relieve babies from that extra air that they swallow during nursing. While some babies burp quite a lot, others may end up spitting out the milk and even become cranky.

How to burp your baby

  • When burping the baby, the trick is to gently pat its back and massage it for him to burp.
  • Make sure you support the baby's head at all times
  • Add a muslin cloth or a washcloth underneath the baby's head so that the extra milk that he may spit would land on the cloth
  • Remember to burp the baby, even if he is sleeping

Here's a video that demonstrates how to effectively burp your baby:

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Deepshikha Punj

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