How THIS simple 38-year-old Delhi mother turned into a fitness trainer

How THIS simple 38-year-old Delhi mother turned into a fitness trainer

Read on to know her amazing story!

They say being a mother drastically changes your outlook towards life. It is also said that a mother can do it all and when challenged she can show the world how strong she can be.

That’s what you will feel when you meet Chanchal Dang Sharda, a svelte fitness trainer from Delhi, mother to a grown up twelve-year-old boy, Vidit.

But that was not what Chanchal was five years back. She was like all of us mums, simple at heart, a loving wife and a doting mother to her son.

How it all happened…

But Chanchal knew at heart that something in her life is amiss and a 9 to 5 job was not her calling.

How THIS simple 38-year-old Delhi mother turned into a fitness trainer

Chanchal with husband Sanjeev and son Vidit before she became a fitness trainer.

“Everyone has one special bond with someone in their life and they do not want to compromise with that at any level. It could be your spouse, a habit, your family or any goal. Fortunately, I have a strong bond with my son. Being in 9 to 5 job with other several commitments I somewhere ignored myself completely. It was my 8-year-old son who made me realize that my existence is much more than that. Unknowingly and in his own innocent way, he said “Mummy you are too fat, why don’t you do something about it”?,” says Chanchal from her Delhi-based fitness studio.

That one sentence was definitely eye-opening for her.

“But instead of getting upset, I took this statement as inspiration and started working on it. I had no clue that this small statement from my 8-year-old son will become such a big turning point in my life and other several women who are changing their lives every day by being more healthy, fit, and confident,” says Chanchal.

And it was not easy at all!

So in December 2014 Chanchal gave it all up and started on this new mission of her life—to be fit and do something to help other mothers like her. But the beginning was not easy at all and she had no one to guide her.

“I was floating from one place to another with several newspaper adverts and promises which were never fulfilled after paying the full sum. Several massages, diet plans, therapies, boring so called healthy food, supplement, and replacements. Yes, of course, being a mother definitely helped you cope up with the difficulties or I should say it was my biggest strengths because after all these struggles there was someone who was still hopeful my son,” says Chanchal.

Chanchal weighed 89 kgs when she started in 2012 and finally weighed 63kgs after she joined Dance to Fitness, a Delhi based Fitness chain. Today she weighs 58 kgs and eats everything but in balance. “That’s the key,” says Chanchal.

There was a lot of struggles and many many moments, the good and the bad, ups and downs, success and failures. But alls well that ends well, right?

How THIS simple 38-year-old Delhi mother turned into a fitness trainer

Chanchal as she looks now after her dramatic transformation!

“I live in a joint family, so my in-laws always had a soft corner for me and were concerned that why I was punishing myself. “You look good anyway,” said my husband and family members. But my son wrote this new story of my life,” says the happy mother.

Today after her dramatic transformation Chanchal has the franchise of Dance To Fitness and manages her own studio in Rani Bagh, Delhi. She also did a Reebok certification course to be a fitness trainer.

Her mother and close friends Aastha and Harpreet inspired her to open her own fitness studio. Her sister Vandana and brother Honey also played a big role in helping her push boundaries and stay strong.

Her new mission in life is to help other mothers who are struggling like she was a couple of years back. Today she gets compliments wherever she goes and there are so many happy clients that leave her all overwhelmed by their touching gestures.

“The most interesting compliment that I got was that during a wedding I got a rishtaa and they were shocked to know that I already have a 10-year-old son. Jokes apart, there are so many overwhelming days, when my clients share their success stories with me and their friends and I get credit for their hard work and outcomes. These are really genuine because change is really visible. Many of them got back their lost confidence by losing all the extra weight. I share a special bond with each one of my clients,” adds Chanchal.

Helping other mothers…

How THIS simple 38-year-old Delhi mother turned into a fitness trainer

Chanchal’s mission now is to help other mums by not only losing weight but also boosting their confidence.

“You feel rich when you give something without a pinch. That feeling is out of this world. I not only help my clients or should I call them my best friends “who trust me” to reach their target goal but also help them gain confidence, boost their moral, and encourage them. Sometimes through anger, sometimes through shouting, but at the end, it gives you that WOW feeling your heart was craving for all this while,” says Chanchal.

In the end, Chanchal says that it is very important for all women to have a motive in life, whatever it is that they want.

“Fitness is my life goal. We all should do something in our life that we love to do. It’s very important to find a motive behind something which we are doing and set a goal with timelines to achieve it. Figure out the strategy, keep following the progress and you will achieve it for sure,” she sums up.

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