Tales of a first-time mum: This is how I potty-trained my two-year-old

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Babies have a mind of their own and, trust me when I say this, they definitely have a mind of their own when it comes to potty-training

Babies have a mind of their own and, trust me when I say this, they definitely have a mind of their own when it comes to potty-training.

Even before my daughter was born, the grannies and aunts I met on a daily basis started advising me on how potty-training should be started as earliest as possible in order to spend less money on diapers and disciplining the child from the beginning.

Needless to say, as soon as my baby turned 6 months, I started trying different permutations and combinations to train her. However, nothing seemed to be working in my favour and my little one would get all worked-up whenever she saw her mumma holding her and making weird noises.

Besides, there were instances when I thought my back would break with all the bending. That’s when I decided to give up and let time take its own course. These four things helped me stay keep a calm and composed mind as my baby was finally potty-trained when she was two.

1.There are no rules for potty training: No matter how much your friend or that neighbourhood aunt try to convince you with their rules and theories of potty-training, the truth is none of that kind exist. And, it would be better that you always keep your baby’s comfort over and above everything else. Don’t pressurize yourself and your baby by waking up every one hour in the night and taking the baby to the toilet. That’s what diapers were made for.

Continue reading to know how I finally cracked the code!

2. Don’t copy others blindly: Copying others blindly would not help, but only put you under unnecessary stress. Besides, what worked for them might not work for you always.

3. Don’t trust Dr Google and You Tube: Am sure you have already turned to Dr Google and You tube and have seen videos that claim “to potty train your child in a week” or “how I trained my one-month-old in a day,” but trust me, they might not work for you. Every child is different and follows his own pattern. Do not trust strangers on the internet more than your own instinct.

4. Do not ever force/punish your child: Potty-training is a habit and if your baby is somehow not able to use the toilet do not punish him. It’s not a mistake or a crime. Give him some time and he’d learn. After all he’s just a little baby.

5. Look for cues that might do the trick for you: In my case, I noticed that my daughter was a cleanliness freak and she did not like to be in wet pants or smeared diapers for a long time. So, taking a cue from that I would left her without diapers and pants in the morning and keep the potty-seat close to her play area. And viola! It worked the very first day. The moment my daughter knew that the floor would be smeared with poo-poo, she hopped and sat on the seat to finish the job.

Well, this is what worked for me, if there was another secret that did the trick for you, write to us and let us know in the comments box below!

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