How cute! Celina Jaitly's twin boys are all grown up! (Pics Inside!)

How cute! Celina Jaitly's twin boys are all grown up! (Pics Inside!)

Such a lovely family!

Bollywood diva and Miss India Universe Celina Jaitly left Bollywood in 2011 to get married and settled abroad like many of her fellow co-actresses. She soon gave birth to two lovely boys, who happen to be twins and since then has been shuttling between India and abroad along with her brood.

Recently, the actress visited the Chinese cities Shanghai, Beijing and Sanya and posted some very adorable pictures of her family and we were amazed to see how her two little boys are all grown up now! The two boys, Viraaj and Winston, are four now and look really cute, just like their beautiful mother.

Check out the pics of her boys that Celina posted on her Instagram and Twitter:


While not much is known about Celina's private life in Dubai, she keeps posting pics of her family and life every now and then.

Speaking to an online entertainment portal, Celina said that Peter Haag is not your average dad and is very good when it comes to handling the twins.

“Peter Haag is not your average dad, he is the dad of Indo-Austrian, naughty, hyperactive, talkative and of course, dramatic (thanks to mommy Bollywood-bloodline) twin boys. He could change two loaded nappies in his Ralph Lauren suit (right out of the board room after high flung corporate meetings) with the dexterity of a ninja putting Super Man to shame," she says.

That's not all Celina just can't stop raving about her husband's fatherly skills and says how her twins call her "daddy pig" and "mummy pig". Guess they watch Peppa Pig quite a lot, like other kids of their age.

"He carries 4 stuffed animals (two dogs, one cat and a shark) without flinching an eyebrow along with a bucket full of mini cars every time we step out as a family. Most importantly, “daddy pig” does all of this smiling, considering date night with “mummy pig” (that’s what the twins call us) will never be the same again," she adds.

How cute! Celina Jaitly's twin boys are all grown up! (Pics Inside!)

Celina also feels that being a good father does not need more than spending some time with your kids and letting them know that you are there for them. That's what makes Peter such a good father, she adds.

"Being a good father needs nothing but being there for your children, always letting them know that they are secure and loved, positive discipline and most of all a good sense of humour. Peter has all and more… he always says “experience wildlife… raise twins!!," she says.


Raising twins can be quite a daunting task as Celina puts it perfectly, but there are ways to make it easy:

1. Ask for help: Don't try to be a super mum and think that you can do it all. Ask for help whenever possible and think of ways tp ease off your load.

2. Do what you can handle: Don't try to be a perfect mother and do things that are not possible like taking your twins to the park at the same time and handling them all by yourself. It can be quite a task!

3.Divide your duties: You have two kids and that certainly does not mean handling all baby duties alone. Divide the duties with your husband and ask him to pitch in whenever required.

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[Image courtesy: Instagram]
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