Colour psychologist explains how colours impact your baby's brain

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Watch full video to understand more about colour psychology and how it impacts you and your baby.

New mums face a lot of challenges. These are not only about caring for your baby. But also about your own wellbeing. New mum and anchor Meghna Pant shares that she was cooped up in a room for almost six months, just like many other new mums like you. And this can be a cause why many new mothers feel isolated, loneliness and postpartum blues. But with simple tips and tricks like colour psychology that gives you an understanding of how colour affects the way we feel, this can be resolved.

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Colour psychologist Arya Punj Timblo shares how colour affects the way we feel

Arya Punja Timblo shares that colour psychology is a study of colours. She says it talks about how colour affects the way we feel. Furthermore, she also explains how it impacts you on a psychological, emotional and physical or physiological level.

how colour affects the way we feel

Colour psychologist, Arya Punj Timblo talks about how colour affects the way we feel | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

She says that intuitively you may know what colours you like to wear and so on. But what you may not know is that the colours can also have a physiological effect on you. She shares that the colours impact your hypothalamus, the part of your brain that impacts your respiration, heart rate and nerve centre.

How colour affects the way we feel in case of new mums and babies?

When it comes to new mums, they are very vulnerable. So, the colours can play an important part in making them feel better or calming them down. As far as babies are concerned, they cannot see colours until the age of 5 months. It’s always good to keep a balance.

So, if your baby is hyperactive or energetic, then you can use blues, greens and pinks. That will help to soothe them. But if your baby is lethargic, then you can use yellows and oranges. 

how colour affects the way we feel

Mum to two twins, Jinal gets an understanding on how colour affects the way we feel | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

Mum to cute twins, Jinal, admits that as a new parent she didn’t think about colouring the room with the psychology perspective in mind. But agrees that this awareness is crucial for new parents when baby proofing the house.

How colour affects the way we feel: Choosing the right paint

  • Make sure the paint is low or no VOC.
  • Use low smell emulsions

Watch the full episode for more information on how colour affects the way we feel and how you can handle postpartum blues using colour psychology.

Mums, there you have it all from the experts about how colours can work wonders in your baby’s life. Remember, there’s no right way or wrong way, but just your way. And it’s important that you trust it. 

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