Hospital bag for delivery - The best checklist!

Hospital bag for delivery - The best checklist!

The unexpected nature of labour leaves no room for last-minute packing and ensures slip-ups! But you don’t want to be there, right?

Whenever mums speak about their delivery, almost each of them has a story to tell about what they forgot to pack and bring to the hospital be it as small a thing as a lip balm to essentials such as a nightgown or newborn-relevant stuff such as newborn diapers.

Ideally your hospital bag should be prepared at the 35th week itself. Towards the end of the final trimester, labour may occur anytime. So be prepared for the big moment with this ready reckoner.

You must prepare to take two bags to the maternity home – one for you and the other for your baby. Most hospitals offer a checklist of things to be bought for the newborn and it would be a good idea to go through their list too.

What goes in the Mum Bag?

Medical file: It’s the thing that must lie topmost in your bag. Keep your insurance card handy too as you don’t want to go on a hunt after the baby has arrived and it’s time to make payments.

Soothing music: Carry your mantras or soothing music on either your mp3 player or your iPod to the maternity home. It helps immensely to keep calm and visualize a smooth birth.

Pictures: Pictures of people you love must always be with you during your labour.

Camera: Carry your camera with extra batteries or charger as those special moments can never be captured again.

Phone charger: Very important and most commonly forgotten item.

Clothing: For post-delivery, you will need at least 3 nursing gowns and 6 sets of panties and nursing bras. You will also need one set of good clothes in which you can return home with the baby. A bathrobe also helps but is optional.

Slippers or socks: They will help when you move around the maternity room.

Ear buds: According to Indian tradition, you need to cover your head and ears with a soft cloth as a postpartum measure. The reason offered is that it avoids the wind from entering the body. If that doesn’t agree with you, you could stuff cotton balls in your ears post delivery.

Lip balm: It helps to soothe dry and chapped lips.

Absorbent sanitary towels: Please check with your maternity homes as most of them provide this as a regular feature of postpartum care. Your regular synthetic sanitary napkin will be a bad idea as it could cause a rash.

Toiletries: Make sure you have your soap, toothpaste and toothbrush in place. You also need to pack your towel.

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What goes in the Baby Bag?

Clothes: Please pre-wash baby’s clothes to help soften them so that they don’t irritate his skin. It would be a good idea to mark each of them with your initials so as to help identify them among the hospital laundry.

For receiving the baby, please ensure you have pre-handed the nurses a swaddle cloth. You might require six to carry with you in the bag.

Six each of vests, half or full sleeved shirts, shorts and pajamas and mitten-bootie-cap sets. You will need at least a dozen nappies. (Preferably keep your newborn in nappies except for nights when you might want to use newborn diapers).

hospital bag for delivery

Pre-wash baby clothes to avoid skin rash

Newborn diapers: A pack of six should be fine, if you plan to use them through the nights.

Baby wipes or cotton balls to clean your baby.

Baby towel: Give it to the nurses as soon as you move into your maternity home so that it can be used right after his first bath.

Toiletries: Try to avoid synthetic soap for the baby’s first wash. Look for organic baby soap or avoid it completely.

Good-luck charm: Take the good luck charm that you would wish to for your baby. It may be a religious charm or anything you consider lucky – maybe, a picture of your mum when she was expecting you!

With that welcome bag in place, you will be completely ready to bring home the little angel. Good luck!

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