Horrific! A 55-year-old guard rapes a 5-year-old girl at a posh New Delhi colony

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In a horrific reminder of the status of child safety, another rape of a 5-year-old rocked the National Capital. Where is our conscience?

If you thought your child was safe in your own colony, think again. Because this horrific incident will tell you exactly why it's not true anymore.

In a horrific reminder of why we must never let our kids out of sight, a 55-year-old guard reportedly raped a 5-year-old girl in a park at the posh New Friends Colony in the National Capital.

How it happened

The incident occurred on Monday evening when the girl had gone out to play with her friends. In fact, one of her friends called her out and informed her parents that she'll be back in an hour. But when she didn't return, her worried mother went out to the park to look for her.

On finding the park empty, she came back home and found her daughter crying on the bed and with bloodstained clothes. When she enquired, her 5-year-old daughter told her that the security guard lured her with chocolate, raped her and then dropped her off at her house.


The family who had been living in the posh colony for over 10 years then filed a police complaint at a nearby station. The mother even told the police that she usually kept an eye on her daughter, but got busy that night with household chores.

Sadly, these chores cost her her daughter's innocence and has come as a shocking lesson for all the parents in the city. Such instances are a horrid reminder of why, we as parents must be more careful while letting our kids go out to play.

If you have young kids, then be careful of these few things to ensure their safety from peadophiles and child sexual abusers.

How to protect your kid

  • Keep a close watch: No matter how busy you are, if you do not have anybody to supervise your child, you must do it yourself. Do not let your kids play out at night without adult supervision and always let them know that you are around.
  • Teach them about strangers: Teach your kids about the difference between family and strangers. Ask them to stay away from anybody who is overtly friendly or offers them a candy, as was in this case.
  • Teach them about 'good touch, bad touch': Teach your kids about good touch and bad touch. Tell them that if anybody touches them inappropriately or if they feel uncomfortable with somebody's touch, they must immediately inform you.
  • Open communication: Teach your kids to always come back to you with anything suspicious that they might experience or notice. This includes anybody trying to come close to them or asking them questions about their family or home address.
  • Be informed: Many private colonies have a changeable system of security, which means a new company may hired to look after security or the guards may change. Ask the security companies to always verify the person working for them, whether it is the guard or the maid.

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