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Horrific! 4-year-old girl drowns in water park

Are we taking safety rules at theme parks for granted? Here are certain important guidelines to keep in mind before you head-out to enjoy in a theme park

safety rules for kids A four-year-old girl drowned in Imagica's water park

In an unfortunate incident, a four-year-old girl drowned in the water park within the famous Adlabs Imagica amusement park in Khopoli, Raigad district, on Wednesday.

According to a report in The Times Of India (TOI), the accident occurred in the evening, while the girl was at the Aquamagica water section of the theme park. The girl, a resident of Andheri, Mumbai, was rushed to a nearby Khopoli hospital, but was declared dead by the hospital staff. 

Very often in the midst of fun and frolic, we tend to ignore basic safety rules for kids in public places like amusement parks. The idea of breaking rules may sound fun, but it does not safeguard your kids or you from untoward incidents.

Continue reading for some very important amusement park safety tips for kids

safety rules for kids Warnings on rides are displayed for a reason

Important safety rules for kids at amusement parks

  • Never leave your kids unsupervised at any time. Keep an eye on your children even as they enjoy a ride.
  • Always read the safety rules displayed at strategic points. They may sound very basic, but going through them once causes no one harm. You can read them aloud with your child.
  • As soon as you enter the park, locate their emergency centre before you proceed to use any park equipment.
  • Always ensure the use of safety equipment provided (seat belt, shoulder harness, lap bar, chain, etc.). If you believe the device is not properly positioned, please alert the ride operator.
  • Don’t board a ride if you see broken parts, signs of improper maintenance, or an inattentive operator.
  • Excited children often stick hands, arms, feet or even their heads out the sides of amusement rides. Position them away from the doorways of the rides.
  • When park attractions have restrictions that prevent children of a certain height from boarding themit is advisable to pay heed and not argue with the park staff. 
  • Ask your children to take frequent breaks and keep them hydrated, even in water parks.

Important safety rules for kids at water parks

Image source: ImagicaFacebookPage

If you wish to add more to our list of safety rules for kids, please share in the Comment box below.

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