Horrific! A 3-year-old child is mercilessly beaten up by his tuition teacher

Horrific! A 3-year-old child is mercilessly beaten up by his tuition teacher

The child was beaten up with a wooden stick on his face and other parts of his body resulting in swelling that lasted three days!

While we were still recovering from the murder of 7-year-old Ryan International student Pradhuman Thakur, here came another shocker from Pune that yet again highlighted the issue of child safety.

This time a three-year-old boy, Dev Kashyap was reportedly brutally beaten up by his tuition teacher.

Kashyap was thrashed with a wooden stick on his face and other parts of his body, so much so that the swelling did not subside for three whole days.

Child beaten up and left unconscious!

Laxmi, 24, the mother of the boy told reporters that before leaving for work she asked her husband to drop her son to the tuition centre. However, when her mother-in-law went to pick him up in the evening, he was lying unconscious.

The flustered grandmother immediately rushed him home and gave him some water (seeing him all swollen up), upon which he vomited.

"When I reached her house to fetch my son, I found that he was lying unconscious. The area near his eyes was red and he did not respond when I called out his name. I took to him home and saw that his eyes were now swollen. Around 9pm, we took him to a hospital, where a medic prescribed some tablets," Laxmi told a daily.

Face of the boy had swollen badly

Since the marks on his body were clearly visible, the parents reportedly rushed to file a police complaint against the teacher who has been identified as Bhagyashri Pillay, 19.

Ajay Chandkhede, Senior inspector explained the incident as-is to DNA, "On Monday the boy had gone to Pillay's house. When his parents returned home, they saw that the face of the boy had swollen badly. When they asked the boy, he told them that the teacher hit him with wooden scale on his hand, back and head."

As soon as an FIR was filed the police arrested Pillay who was remanded one day in jail.

Horrific! A 3-year-old child is mercilessly beaten up by his tuition teacher

This case comes close on heels to the latest cases of child abuse in the country.

Child abuse on the rise in the country!

Just yesterday we reported that a six-year-old girl was gangraped by two school staffers at a well known government school in Barmer, Rajasthan.

The incident came to light when the girl went back to her home and complaint of pain in her private parts. While narrating her ordeal she revealed that she was tied to a table in a room near the school washroom and raped mercilessly.

Unfortunately the escalating numbers of such cases have highlighted an increased need for better child safety norms in the country.

It is clear that kids are no longer safe in schools and sometimes even in their own homes. (Read: 12-year-old girl raped by father for seven years).

Watch out: Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones!

But abuse is not just about sexual violence, there is much to it just as in this case; explains Delhi-based clinical psychologist, Anuja Kapur.

"Parents must understand that abuse means 'treating with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.' Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones. Physical abuse is more corporeal in nature but emotional and sexual abuse is incorporeal. They leave deep psychological and physical scars on the victim for life," she told theindusparent.

In such cases Kapur adds parents need to be extra vigilant and supportive. She lists the following rules parents must stick to:

  • Don’t interrogate and reassure the child that they did nothing wrong.
  • You must also show the children that you trust them and they are safe now

Kapur added that it is must for parents to be mindful of their children's activities and to keep a tab on anything suspicious you feel might have happened with them.

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