Horrible! In-laws shave off woman's head because she gave birth to a girl, again

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The victim's in-laws as well as her husband reportedly tonsured her head and physically assaulted her because they did not want another girl in the house

Just when you thought India is progressing and everybody is working on 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao,' comes a news that brings us back to reality.

In a news that has shocked mothers across the country, a woman in Agra suffered a terrible fate for giving birth to her second girl child. Her in-laws as well as her husband reportedly tonsured her head and physically assaulted her because they did not want another girl in the house.

The incident that left her shocked and physically battered, that's when she resorted to filing a complaint at the Malpura police station. Sadly enough, she is anaemic and now need medical attention too.

As per media reports, Nannu, the victim, stated in her complaint that she had been married to husband and tempo-driver Rashid for over seven years. The couple also have a four-year-old daughter and she gave birth to second daughter just 15 days ago in November.


The shocking revelations

"Since the birth of second girl, my husband and in-laws have been mentally and physically torturing and assaulting me. They even shaved off my head," Nannu reportedly stated in her report.

Speaking to a leading daily, the victim's sister-in-law (brother's wife) Praveen Banu, revealed, "On November 27, Rashid shaved off the head of Nannu and threw her out of home. Her 13-day-old baby girl kept on crying for milk but the family did not let the woman meet her child. The emotionally tormented woman returned to her parent's home on Monday and narrated the ordeal she faced after the second girl child birth."

Not just that, Banu shared that the seven year marriage had taken a physical and psychological toll on the victim and she was not in a position to fight her in-laws.

"The seven-year long marriage of Nannu has made her emotionally weak and mentally unstable due to continues harassment and assault by in-laws and husband. Currently, she is suffering from anemia and needs four units of blood," added Banu.

The police intervenes

But as is the fate of many such cases in India, the police advised the husband to get the woman treated first, because her physical condition was deteriorating.

"Since the woman is physically weak, we have asked her husband to take her to hospital and get her treated," said Uttamchand Patel, station officer of Malpura, while speaking to TOI.

He added, "Nannu's family has withdrawn the complaint against her husband, as they want the couple to live together and take care of the two daughters."

The report also suggests that post the complaint, the police sprung into action and detained five members of the family and even warned them of strict against them, if they did not take care of the victim. Only after all the action was taken, was Nannu's 13-day-old daughter brought to her to be breastfed.

This horrific incident is another reminder of how Indians still prefer boys over daughters.

Boys over daughters for Indian parents

In the India Human Development Survey (IHDS), it was revealed that 77 percent Indian parents preferred to live with their sons rather than daughters. Most of which has stemmed from their desire to have a daughter.

The survey also revealed the following information:

  • About 73 percent of those surveyed expressed their desire to ideally have one daughter
  • Almost 11 percent of participants said they should ideally have two daughters
  • As many many as 60 percent of those surveyed said they ideally wanted one son

This survey was conducted in a sample of 41,554 households; across 33 states and union territories (UTs) in both urban and rural areas.

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