Horrible! 4-year-old girl raped and murdered by two men in Delhi

Horrible! 4-year-old girl raped and murdered by two men in Delhi

Despite a four-hour search, her body could not be located. It was only the next day that the police traced her body at a nearby railway track

In yet another shocker that has rocked the National Capital, a four-year-old girl was allegedly brutally raped and murdered by two men.

The incident reportedly occurred in Delhi's northwest Keshavpuram area on Sunday evening. While informing the media, the police officials revealed that she was abducted by two men when she was playing outside her home in 'Brittania railway lines.'

When the girl's parents could not locate her anywhere near their home, they lodged a police complaint. “Suddenly, she was missing and we started looking for her. We announced in a masjid for details of her whereabouts, and went to several houses. We also checked under the bed and behind the almirah, thinking she might have fallen asleep. I took a torch and even searched in the drains. I just prayed for her safety," said the 30-year-old mother.

How the police tracked the body

However, despite a four-hour search, her body could not be located. It was only the next day that the police traced her body at a nearby railway track.

Her body had marks on her neck and she was reportedly sexually assaulted before being strangulated. The girl’s body had scratch marks and bite injuries and prima facie it appears to be a case of sexual assault. Things will be clearer after the post-mortem report. We have registered a case of murder,” shared DCP (northwest) Milind Dumbere.

The only progress for the search team was that the accused were captured in a CCTV footage. However, when their footage was shown to the parents, they shared a shocking revelation.


Shocking revelation by the parents

"In the CCTV footage that we have found from a factory, we have seen two men taking away the girl. They live in the same area as the girl's family but they have been absconding. Efforts are being made to nab the accused," revealed the police officials.

Incidentally, the couple had been living in the area for the past 20 years and had six daughters including the victim.

This incident is a chilling reminder of a similar incident that took place last year in which a four-year-old was raped and murdered after being lured by noodles and Rs 10. Although that victim survived, it took her several months to recover and started going to school only this year in April.

Safety from sexual abuse

These incidents have again brought to light the importance of child safety in our country, and parents must begin by first teaching kids about their own safety and about sexual abuse.

  • Teach about the 'Underwear Rule': Tell your kids that nobody is allowed to touch them in parts that are covered by their undergarments, whether it is a slip or a brief or panty. This method teaches them that their bodies are their own and nobody can touch them without their permission.
  • Teach them about 'good touch, bad touch': Tell them that there are two types of touches. One is a ‘good touch’ and the other is a ‘bad touch.’ A good touch is when parents, grandparents or somebody close to the child touches them and they do not feel uncomfortable. A bad touch is something that makes them uncomfortable.
  • Do not force friendliness: Do not force your kids to be friendly with your friends, just because they are your friends. If you see that your kids are not comfortable in their company or by their touch, take them away. As parents, you must access their comfort before anything.

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