Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, December 1

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See what the day holds for you!



You may be taken as part of a team or a group in your organisation. Expect a pat on the back for a job well done. Celebrating a function together with close family and friends is possible today.

Unwavering focus on the academic front will get what you are aiming at. A decision taken now is likely to have positive consequences at a later date.



At work, don't be too insistent on things that are beyond the capability of your subordinates. Your hard work is probably going to get positive outcomes on the academic front.

Mutual attraction is likely to bring you closer to someone you have taken an instant liking to on the romantic front. A side business proves a good source of earning. Excess of any kind is asking for trouble.



Someone may paint a rosy picture of a property, but don't get taken in without finding out the details on your own. It is best not to antagonise anyone with whom you have strained relations.

Job market appears rosy, so expect some good opportunities to come your way. No amount of pleading will speed up the return of loaned money. Allergy-prone need to be extra careful.




You will need to maintain a regular routine for remaining fit and energetic. Taking up something you have not thought through may put you in a fix.

You will manage to impress those who matter by your performance on the academic front. Profits are indicated through wise investments. A short vacation may prove relaxing. You remain popular in your social circle. Eligible can expect to tie the knot soon.



You may get caught on the wrong foot at office today, so be careful. Tough competition is foreseen on the academic front, but you will manage to hold your own.

A new partnership forged on the business front is set to benefit you immensely. You may take up a sport or an outdoor activity just to remain in shape. Your romantic life is set to get a boost.



Don't count on anyone for a job, who seems reluctant, as you may be left high and dry. For you, time is precious, utilise it prudently.

You should go for safe investment in the prevailing financial conditions. Someone’s unexpected arrival may get upset your relaxing time at home. On the academic front, make efforts to get what you want.



It is not in your interest to rake up old issues, as it may lead to acrimony. If you need guidance on the academic front, don’t let your ego come in between.

Chances of getting shortchanged in a transaction seem real if you are not careful. Those thinking of starting a new venture will find the going smooth. You are likely to remain ever popular.



Getting all the resources together for a new venture is important. Meticulous planning is likely to see a project through on the professional front.

Colleagues may try to dominate you but focus your energies to overcome the situation. You may get a challenging assignment on the academic front. Side effects of a medicine may cause problems.



You may continue to remain in neutral gear at work and go with the flow. In a personal matter, it is best to bring someone into complete picture at this juncture.

You can be worst off by taking the opinion of others on an investment. Lure of multinational companies may motivate you to give your best on the academic front. Meeting important people is on the cards today.



It is best to be away from controversies, especially at this juncture, as you run the risk of ruining your image. Your desire to do things your way may meet with resistance, so find a middle path instead of getting at loggerheads with those who oppose you.

Profits accrue from investments done in the past. A favourable day is foreseen on the academic front today.



Continue to extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Someone’s arrival is likely to brighten the domestic environment today. There will be no complaints as far as your health is concerned.

Give the devil its due, even if you don’t want to, and watch this work in your favour! Marital boat sails smoothly, even in choppy waters, thanks to your patience and perseverance.



Getting the best out of someone will be a feather in your cap, so work towards it. Those planning to settle out of town will find the going smooth.

Recognition for hard work and loyalty is in the offing for you. Newer ways to make additional money needs to be given a try. This is the ideal opportunity for lovebirds to take off to someplace exotic.