Hilarious texts of panicked dad cleaning up his kid’s vomit go viral

Hilarious texts of panicked dad cleaning up his kid’s vomit go viral

Before you get grossed out or feel bad for him, it gets worse (and funnier)…

It was supposed to be an uneventful night for Ben Patterson. He had switched cars with his wife so she could go out and have fun with her friends while he took the kids home.

But he wasn’t expecting the hilarious chaos that awaited him.

“On the way home, projectile vomit occurred . . . ” Ben wrote in a Facebook post accompanying three funny (and relatable) screenshots of the conversation he had with his wife, Stephanie.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Ben himself started throwing up before he could clean up his son’s puke.

Read the conversation below. Spoiler: She never responds.

vomittext 1

screenshot: Ben Patterson facebook

Since it was shared on facebook, it’s gained over 100,000 likes and and 160,284 shares. Majority of the 333 people who commented found the whole ordeal hilarious and relatable!

Read Ben’s frantic and funny messages to his wife on the next page!

text 1

The smell was so bad that Ben himself started throwing up…on someone’s lawn.


Then, things escalated quickly…


Thankfully, he and little Fox made it home safely. A few days later, the funny dad admitted on Facebook that the part about the police coming was an embellishment—a desperate attempt to get his wife’s attention.

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