Here's why Twinkle Khanna has been keeping Nitara away from limelight

Here's why Twinkle Khanna has been keeping Nitara away from limelight

The protective mum rarely posts pictures of her four-year-old daughter Nitara and she has a very logical reason behind it

While doting dad Akshay Kumar has often reiterated that he wants his kids to be independent and learn self-defence. Not many know that the actual reason for their admission in martial arts was mum Twinkle Khanna.

Yes, that's correct. Twinkle who is a star kid herself is privy to the art. She has earned a yellow belt and is proud that her dreams of following the martial arts is now being fulfilled by her kids.

I was a yellow belt holder: Twinkle

Talking about her son Aarav, who is now a black belt holder, the mum of two said, "He is a black belt and I think he'll continue it. I am very happy as I was a yellow belt while growing up and I was my dream to get a black belt but I have fulfilled it through other people in my family."

Interestingly, now that her daughter is also learning martial arts, Twinkle is happy both the kids are taking forward their parents' legacy. But when it comes to the legacy of being in the limelight, the 43-year-old mum is apprehensive about her four-year-old daughter being in it.

She prefers to keep her darling daughter away from the limelight, even though she does share a few glimpses of Nitara on and off on her social media handles.

Nitara should get her privacy

Speaking about why Nitara has so far been kept far away from the paparazzi, Khanna shed some light on her decision.

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Khanna said, "I think she (Nitara) is very young and she should get her privacy. I don't really put up pictures of my son Aarav. I think that they are growing and if they come out with me for a movie or something and then if someone clicks pictures then I am ok. As parents we try to keep them away from the limelight until they understand the consequences and learn to handle themselves."

The working mum makes for an important point because social media privacy is not only limited to famous kids. It is also something regular parents such as you and I must be wary of.

3 social media etiquettes all parents must follow

Whether you are a new parent or your child is a teenager, there are some rules of social media that you must follow, regardless.

  • Posting without permission: Yes, there is such a thing, even for parents. As parents our responsibility is to teach our kids that they have a right on their bodies and that begins with asking them if they want certain pictures of theirs posted online. This of course, applies more for parents of teenagers. For babies, there are another set of rules a new parent must follow for the safety of their newborns.
  • Posting information about bad parenting days: The Internet is really not the best place for parents to vent out their frustration over a bad parenting day. Your child will grow up one day and perhaps read your post, which may have made sense then, but in the long run could ruin your relationship.
  • Posting images to brag: Yes, your child is excellent in academic or sports, but again, Internet is not the best place to boast and brag about your child every day. Unless of course, you want them to be embarrassed in the future! Try to live in the moment and share moments that you proud of them. Trust me, these are memories you will cherish for life.

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