Here's why this 77-year-old single Indian lady doesn't regret not getting married!

Here's why this 77-year-old single Indian lady doesn't regret not getting married!

Clearly, there's more to life than just getting married

In a country where girls are mostly brought up with the belief that their main aim in life is to get married and settle down, here comes a story of a dynamic Indian woman who has not once regretted her decision to not get married.

The delightful 77-year-old woman features in a snippet of the famous Humans of Bombay series, which has won over many people on Facebook with their heartwarming stories that talk about ordinary people with extraordinary lives.

The post starts with the woman speaking about her career choices, which she refers to as the "great experiences" in her life and then mentions why she doesn't ever regret not getting married.

"I was a research scientist for a long time, I worked with a Pharma company and when I started feeling a little less challenged I started leaning the Russian Language," she says before she talks about why she never regret not getting married.

"I've never married, but I grew up with the most loving family--4 younger brothers who love spoiling me..till today; even when I'm almost 77!" she says.

The happiest memory of her life is when her family threw a lavish party for her on her 75th birthday! That she says is her "happiest memory".

"...they threw a surprise party for me at this huge hall with lots of balloons and a big cake..and I think that has been my happiest memory, just being together with everyone I love so dearly," she says.

She is currently busy preparing for her brother's 75th birthday and perhaps wants it to be a memorable affair for him just like it was for her.

"I have about a 1000 of our childhood photos to sift through and some major cutting and pasting to do," she signs off.

Clearly, Indian parents must also tell their girls that there is more to life than just getting married!

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