Here’s what all parents can learn from the Nandita Das-Subodh Maskara Split

Here’s what all parents can learn from the Nandita Das-Subodh Maskara Split

The couple’s mature handling of ending their 7-year marriage offers a fresh look at how to move on, especially when you have a child.

With so many stories of divorce and separation making it to the news in 2016, the year 2017 started with yet another separation story, this time of an actor I really like. Actor Nandita Das and her husband Subodh Maskara have confirmed they are calling it quits, after being married for 7 years.

The couple has a young son together, and what makes their handling of the entire situation so commendable is the fact that they are doing it in a very mature and dignified way.

Nandita said that ever since she became a mum, she found it hard to balance mommyhood and home, and while it was hard to separate, it had to be done. Subodh has maintained that the separation is amicable and the couple is still friends.

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Talking about how it was not a sudden decision, Subodh said, "It wasn't sudden. Sometimes you realise that it's better to be just friends and move on. It just makes both of us happy. As and when the world knows about it, it looks sudden- but as I said, it was not. It was a case of 'We grew apart'. Our priorities and lifestyles became different. We tried to make it work but unfortunately could not. We parted amicably."

He also said that even though they tried to work on the marriage, things did not work out and hence they decided to move on.

In fact, according to Subodh, while both of them knew it was time to move on, it was Nandita who suggested they should actually take the step and that is when the couple decided to start living apart.

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What we can learn from them

1. The Concept Of Two Homes Instead Of A Broken Home: In most divorce cases, the family is always seen as breaking up, with kids having to choose between one parent or the other. In this case, the couple has decided to embrace the concept of two homes, where their son can freely move between the homes where each parent lives. As they have a house in Bandra and another at Worli, they have decided to leave it to their son’s decision of where he wants to be and when, without battling it out in court.

2. Keeping It Amicable And Staying Friends: Subodh maintains that the separation is absolutely amicable and the couple has not yet approached the court to fight a custody battle or any other issue. According to him, they still talk daily, even if they do not live together anymore. And apparently, instead of staying together despite not feeling connected or moving on and battling it out in the court, separating as friends has made them both happier and stress-free.

Divorce is still quite taboo in our Indian families, and in many cases, couples are advised by family members to continue living together for the sake of kids. But do you think it is right to continue living unhappily and bring out your anger and frustration in front of the child, or is it a better idea to move on and be happy, and also give your child the happiness that childhood deserves. What would you have done?

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