Here's why actor and wife Vidya Balan feels women should stop trying to balance between home and work

Here's why actor and wife Vidya Balan feels women should stop trying to balance between home and work

"Balancing is really overrated because women are constantly asked to balance home and work and it’s unfair," says actor and wife Vidya Balan

Actor Vidya Balan, who tied the knot with producer Siddharth Roy Kapur on December 14 in 2012, is about to clock in four years of marital bliss. But in these many years, she has never tried to balance between home and work.

That's correct! Balan recently admitted that such a concept was overrated and that she never tries to be a superwoman.

In an interview to IANS, the Kahani 2 star, said that expecting a woman to balance her home as well as her office was unfair and asking too much of her.

“I don’t juggle. I’m no longer trying to be superwoman. I am a woman who when I’m working, I’m working, when I’m home, I’m home, when I’m chilling, I’m chilling. Sometimes, when I don’t feel like doing anything, I don’t do anything," said the candid actor who is currently riding high on the success of her flick Kahani 2.

Women are constantly asked to balance home and work

She also added that Indian woman are often unnecessarily put under duress because they are constantly expected to juggle their personal and professional life seamlessly. She said that it is was not only wrong, but also unfair.

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“So, I think this balancing is really overrated because women are constantly asked to balance home and work and it’s unfair,” she said.

The actor who has always been candid about her professional choices and even her initial failure says that Indian woman are conditioned in a way that they would feel guilty about not being able to balance everything. But it is never really expected of a man to do the same.

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"These unrealistic expectations are slowly shedding"

While talking about the balance issue, Balan said that while most women feel guilty, men do not. But there is still hope for change and it may actually happen sooner rather than later.

“Maybe I feel guilty because I am a girl. Maybe a man wouldn’t feel the same way because you take it for granted that a man sometimes can’t make it to certain special occasions because they are working.  We (women) still feel that we should work and be there (for occasions too). But I think these unrealistic expectations are slowly shedding,” said the Dirty Picture star who also recently said that even though she is married, she is still the most important person in her life.

As for her own special occasions, Balan shared that they are "sacrosanct" for her and she makes sure to be at home during birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

"Those things are sacrosanct… I’ll be home for my anniversary, birthday and New Year. That is sacrosanct," she says as she gears up for her fourth wedding anniversary and her 38th birthday on January 1.

Addressing the divorce rumours

Although the actor is all chirpy about the success of her recent flick, she and her husband were marred by divorce rumours during the beginning of the year. However, Balan was quick to respond to these "figments of imagination."

“We are happy with each other. There is no chink in the armour,” she responded. But she made sure to also let the world know that the couple had a plan to make their marriage work, and it was a rather simple one.

“After marriage we have consciously decided not to do any movies together. Nor do we discuss work at home, not even at the dining table,” said Balan.

“We have decided to give enough space to each other professionally, else there is always the chance of having differences of opinion. So it is better to avoid such delicate situations. Not working together is healthier and safe for our marriage,” she added.

Well, with more and more tinseltown couples hitting for splitsville, this comes a refresher on how to make a high-profile marriage work. But there a few other divorce-proof ways too!

3 ways to be happy in your marriage

  • Communicate with each other: Communication is the key to a successful marriage. When partners talk to each other about their joys and sorrows, they automatically build trust and dependability for each other and both of these are needed for a marriage to work successfully.
  • Being honest about everything: Being married in a way gives you the license to share what you truly feel because you cannot pretend to be somebody else forever! Ultimately, you'll have to be your own self and sometimes that means sharing dark secrets of honest truths about each other and the families.
  • Being fair to one another: Accepting a new family can be a challenge, but an open mind and fair attitude can make this easy and possible. You may be apprehensive about several things that your new family does and may not agree with it, but when your partners calmly lends an ear to your feelings and helps you through the issue, it can easily be solved.

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