Here's proof that Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj is a romantic at heart!

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Yesterday the minister of external affairs pinned a picture with her husband to her Twitter profile, which would indeed bring a smile on your face

We all know by now that Minister of external affairs Sushma Swaraj is a great humanitarian and has been moving from pillar to post to fix relationship issues, visa problems and also reuniting couples.

The foreign minister has been quite active on twitter and has been helping Indians in distress from all across the world. However, we rarely get a chance to get a glimpse of her personal life. But, yesterday the minister of external affairs pinned a picture to her Twitter profile, which would indeed bring a smile on your face and let you believe that she is indeed a romantic at heart.

The picture features Swaraj laughing heartily as she's holding hands with her husband Swaraj Kaushal as other MPs and ministers smiled at the couple. One of them included Congress leader Digvijaya Singh who was standing right behind the couple.

Here's the picture that Swaraj tweeted along with a message that she bumped into her husband today: "Together after many years - a chance meeting with at the Parliament House gate today."


The picture got an astounding response on Twitter, however there were a few who thought the duo was not together any more. But, Swaraj immediately cleared the air and said, "We are together at home, but not in parliament anymore."

The minister explained that Mr Kaushal, a noted lawyer and former governor of Mizoram, were colleagues in the Rajya Sabha between 2000 and 2004. Sushma Swaraj is now a member of the Lok Sabha; her husband is not an MP anymore.

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Even last month Swaraj posted an adorable picture of herself with her husband on her wedding anniversary.Here's the adorable picture that the Minister of External Affairs shared on her Twitter timeline.

The picture shows Ms Swaraj as a young, coy bride with her husband, senior Supreme Court lawyer Swaraj Kaushal. And, the moment she posted her wedding picture it went viral and was retweeted over a thousand times and liked by almost 10, 000 followers.

Her followers immediately started flooding her timeline with congratulatory messages. One even asked, "Do you get the day off?"

Ms Swaraj has been posting quite a few of her personal picture on Twitter recently, which are being shared and retweeted by her followers. Like this one particular picture which shows her visiting politician and social reformer Jayaprakash Narayan with her husband four decades ago.

The ever-smiling and helpful Sushma Swaraj has earned immense admiration for her prompt response to her SOS queries on Twitter. Even ministers from other parties and opposition have lauded her efforts praised her efforts.

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