Here's proof that Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala shares an AWESOME relationship with stepmom Maanyata!

Here's proof that Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala shares an AWESOME relationship with stepmom Maanyata!

How cool is that!

The Dutt ladies, Maanayata and Trishala, have silenced all rumours about having cold vibes for each other as they shared some beautifully heartening pictures of them together on social media.

Rewind to almost a decade ago and we remember that the gorgeous Maanayata, Sanjay Dutt’s wife, had said she wants his daughter Trishala to come back to India and live with them, making her dream of a happy family come true. However, unfortunately, it was generally believed that the two don’t get along and that Trishala isn’t approving of Maanayata.

Proving all such speculations completely baseless, both Maanayata and Trishala shared some pictures that will warm the cockles of your heart. Maanyata is currently in New York and is staying with her step daughter. The mother-daughter are having quite a rollicking time together. Take a look at their recent Instagram posts:


A photo posted by Maanayata Dutt (@maanayata) on

Indeed, the Dutt ladies are no less than ‘Lionesses' and know exactly how to unleash their crazy side. Have a look at another picture that was posted by Trishala.


And exactly know how to let their hair down to have some fun. Don't believe us? Check out this video that Trishala posted on her Instagram.


looks who's in NY!!! ?? @maanayata

A video posted by Trishala Dutt (@trishaladutt) on

Trishala, who is only six years younger to Maanayata, has been staying in New York with her mother Richa Sharma’s parents. She runs a Hair Extensions Company there and has no inclination towards Bollywood. She has a thing for make-up though.

Managing your relationships in changing times

In changing times, relationships are also drastically changing putting a lot of pressure on individuals. Seems like Maanyata is setting trends for young women, just like Kareena Kapoor Khan, to bond with their step- children. Kareena’s friendly relations with Saif Ali Khan’s children Sara and Ibrahim are well known. Now even Maanayata is setting a similar example.

Here are some tips for having a smooth relationship with your stepchildren:

  1. Give your relationship time, perhaps, hundred times than what you think is enough. It is difficult for children, of any age, to accept a third person in a parental equation. This initial awkwardness goes away over a period. Give them that much time and to yourself too.
  2. Befriend them. That’s the first step to any strong relationship. A sure- shot spoiler is trying to control your step-children. Be there for them when they need support without overdoing it or encroaching upon their space and privacy in any way.
  3. Always remember, you aren’t their real mum. It won’t be advisable to completely wipe off their real mother’s image from their minds. Give her, their real mum, the respect she deserves. Take the comparisons between you and her with a pinch of salt and continue to do your own best.
  4. From time to time, let them take some quality, alone time with their Dad. Take yourself out of the family equation regularly so that they get some much deserved time with their father as they may still be adjusting to you as a parent and rely more upon their real parent for their emotional needs.
  5. Most importantly, don’t pressurise yourself to win their hearts. Sometimes despite doing everything the children might just take rather long to even accept you. Don’t lose heart. Speak to their father about your concerns and take his help to understand them better.

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