Here's why Nitara couldn't accompany dad Akshay Kumar to the National Film Awards ceremony

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While their 14-year-old son Aarav accompanied his parents, their four-year-old was nowhere to be seen. Read on to know why!

We all know that Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are extremely private and protective of their four-year-old daughter Nitara. So much so that they keep her away from limelight and often refrain photographers from clicking her pictures.

So while their teenage son Aarav is still allowed to be papped, their daughter isn't and the same rule applies to sharing their pictures on social media as well.

"I think she (Nitara) is very young and she should get her privacy. I don't really put up pictures of my son Aarav. I think that they are growing and if they come out with me for a movie or something and then if someone clicks pictures then I am ok. As parents we try to keep them away from the limelight until they understand the consequences and learn to handle themselves," Khanna recently explained.

Nitara did not attend father's felicitation

So it wasn't a surprise when the little munchkin was missing from the most important event of her father's life- the National Film Awards.

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While their 14-year-old son Aarav, who has become somewhat of a star himself accompanied his parents to the ceremony, Nitara was nowhere to be seen. This is mostly because of the couple's strict policy of keeping her away from the limelight.

As also, a ceremony such as the National Film Awards is a serious one and does not necessarily have a policy for inviting kids, it's a serious affair after all. So it was a good decision for the Kumars to let their daughter stay back, presumably with her nanny.

And while many people missed their little bundle of joy, the doting dad did manage to give a sneak peek into her activity. He shared a rather sweet video of his daughter in his Instagram page, making up for her absence.

Take a look for yourself.

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Akshay and Twinkle's lessons for Nitara

The video that has already been viewed 10 million times has Nitara feeding a stray cat at their home. While doting dad filmed her during her caring act, he also wrote a sweet message for all his followers.

He wrote: "The sweltering heat spares nobody, urge your little one's to offer water in this case everyone who visits your home. Humanity first."

It is amply clear that not only are the parents teaching their daughter self-defense, but compassion and care are also on top of their moral value list. However, this is not the first time the power couple have shared their ideas about parenting.

3 times Akshay and Twinkle's parenting was on point

  • When Akshay refused to let his kids inherit his wealth: Akshay Kumar is determined to have his kids learn the value of money. So he recently announced, "Whatever they get, they have to earn it. I want them to be responsible human beings who are also full of gratitude for what they have. Kuch khairat mei nahi milta, whatever they get is achieved by them... they need to understand that luxuries are a result of achievements and hard work."

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  • When Twinkle taught Nitara she is not a 'damsel in distress': The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad author shared a picture of her daughter in a unique superhero costume. She captioned it, "Why settle to play the helpless princess when you can be the hammer-wielding Thor #HammeringItIn." Her message was loud and clear and resonated with several mums.
  • When Akshay pushed his kids to be self-reliant: Apart from enrolling their son in martial arts classes, they also sent him to a self-reliance camp. While for his daughter, he has enrolled her martial arts classes too! "I can only protect my daughter if she learns to protect herself. I wish I could hold her hand for the rest of her life, but I know that that’s just a father’s dream," he explained.

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