7 reasons why you need that massage post delivery from your local maalishwali

7 reasons why you need that massage post delivery from your local maalishwali

It would be advisable to get your massage done by your local maalishwali or mausi, who exactly knows all the pressure points that increase your relaxation manifold

Once all the excitement of being  new mother is over, all your left with is a sore body that is still adjusting to the sleepless nights and your painful shoulders that become stiff after the countless breastfeeding sessions.

This is when you need a good massage that not only eases the pain, but all rejuvenates your body so that you can be prepared for more sleepless nights ahead. You might have heard about the numerous benefits of post natal massage and while you shouldn't wait for even a second to get one, it would be advisable to get your massage done by your local maalishwali or mausi, who exactly knows all the pressure points that increase your relaxation manifold.

But, postnatal massage is not only for relaxation, it benefits the new mother in more ways that you can imagine.
While a new mother spends most of her time caring for her newborn, massage gives her that thirty to sixty minutes of peaceful me-time that helps her concentrate on her own needs. Here are a few benefits of postnatal massage that would help you ease all the pain of new found motherhood.

1.Eases the aches and pains


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A new mother's body takes time to recover from all the pain and blood loss that it goes through. Massage not only would help ease the pain around your arms, legs, thighs and shoulders, it would also increase blood circulation throughout your body and helps in soothing all the stretched muscles and ligaments of your body.

2. Increases breast milk supply

Massage helps in the release of the hormones prolactin and oxytocin. While oxytocin is known as the love hormone that improves your mood, prolactin is the lactation hormone that regulates your breastmilk supply. This is why your mothers and mothers-in-law insist you get massage done post delivery.

3. Relaxes your body

Caring for the newborn 24x7 and breastfeeding can take a toll on the new mother's body and result in not only physical stress, but also mental strain. Massage decreases stress hormones and aids in the production of endorphins, which are hormones that have an analgesic affect on the body, relieving pain in the process and uplifting the exhausted mother's mood.

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4. Keeps the blues away

Since massage decreases the stress hormones, it not only uplifts the mood of the new mother it also helps in beating the blues that many mothers face post delivery. Many new mothers might suffer from postpartum depression due to the many radical physical and psychological changes that her body undergoes.

Science says that postnatal massage not only helps in keeping postnatal depression away, it might also help a new mother come out of it easily, if she happens to suffer from it.

5. Good for your stretched skin and stretch marks

The other thing that it affected the most after delivery is a new mothers skin that undergoes a lot of stretching. Massage would not only help in toning the body, it would also help in the exfoliation of your skin, giving you a glow that all your friends would envy.

6. Improves sleep

All the increased circulation of hormones not only relaxes your body it also helps you sleep soundly so that you are up and about when your baby needs you. Needless to say, the more rested you are the better you'd be able to tackle with all the changes going on in your life and body.

7. Tightens the belly

Believe it or not, massage also helps in toning your belly that becomes quite lose after the baby is born, especially in case of a normal delivery. While mothers who have had a normal delivery can start with postnatal massage a week to 10 days after childbirth, those who have undergone a C-Section should consult a doctor before getting it done.

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