Here’s how single mum Sushmita Sen is turning daughter Alisah into a math genius!

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The best way to help your child actually excel in things is to first understand the child’s interest.

We have all admired the gorgeous Sushmita Sen as a mom. The way she brought home her two daughters and the amazing relationship she shares with her girls is proof that you can also be great friends with your kids while being a sensible parent.


Sushmita Sen has always given us serious life goals, from being an independent woman herself to raising smart, caring and confident girls - this single mommy handles it all like a pro. So recently, it was cute to see the proud mom share a video of her younger daughter Alisah, aged 7, who she refers to as her math teacher!

In the video, little Alisah proves that she is actually a math genius, as she rattles off math multiplications in seconds. Sushmita also says that she practices Math tables with her daughter every day to better their speed.

4 Tips to bring out the genius in your child

As parents, we are always trying to expose our children to the best that is available out there, from regular academic classes to hobby and activity classes, sports and more. While it has become more of a competition between parents, trying to outdo how many classes the kids go to, the best way to help your child actually excel in things is to first understand the child’s interest.

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Here are a few practical and real tips that can help you bring out the genius in your little wonder.

1. Understand what interests your child – You may be interested in Abacus, but what if your child’s interest is actually in a different subject? The first step to help your child build on his or her talent is to understand what they are interested in, as it will help them continue with the guidance in the long run instead of getting bored and losing interest.

2. Let them make mistakes: Your child can learn a lot from your help, but the best way to help them learn is if you allow your child to make mistakes and try to get it right the next time without much help. If you always spoon feed your child to do everything perfect, they will never learn how to take risks and how to solve a problem when faced with it.

3. Give them exposure: Being a parent and child in today’s time is great because we have so many options to choose from. Instead of asking your child to follow a certain path, why not expose them to all that is there to learn from? By doing this, you will not only tickle their interest, but you may be surprised to see what all they are good at, which even they may not have realized earlier.

4. Encourage thinking: As a family, always encourage your children to ask questions. In fact, you too should constantly ask them questions that are age appropriate, and let them find out the answers themselves. This will help your little ones to try and figure out things themselves, in the process making them more observant, sharper and perceptive.

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