Here's why sister Karisma Kapoor thinks Kareena is a pro at motherhood

Here's why sister Karisma Kapoor thinks Kareena is a pro at motherhood

Elder sister Karisma Kapoor thinks Kareena Kapoor Khan is trained at motherhood because of this reason

It's barely been a month since the birth of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan's son, Taimur. But it seems that the first-time mum is already trained in her new role, or so says Karisma Kapoor.

Elder sister Karisma is showering praises at her younger sister in the motherhood department and believes that Bebo is handling it like a professional. Of course, the fact that Bebo has been a maasi to Karisma's two kids, Samaira and Kiaan, has also helped her become a hands-on mother to Taimur.

"Kareena is a pro at motherhood"

Sharing her excitement about becoming a maasi the mum of two said, "Before I was rushing back from work for my kids and now I have another little baby to go to. It's a lot of excitement. Kareena is a pro at motherhood. She is superb."

Karisma spoke to media persons about Taimur post her showstopper performance at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week, where incidentally even Bebo walked for ace designer Anita Dongre, just 46 days after delivery.

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Karisma also spoke about the media frenzy surrounding Bebo's maternity looks and how nobody noticed her as much when she was pregnant with her two kids.

"When I had my kids there was no social media, people didn't see what I was wearing. Kareena was just being herself. It was not a conscious decision to wear trendy clothes. She was wearing her personality and she was looking good," she shared adding that the two sisters shared a great camaraderie and couldn't be compared in the fashion department because both of them have unique tastes.

"We gibe each other tips, we share clothes, we share ideas, shopping ideas, what we should get and what we should do. It is really nice to have that bond, In a strange way we are so connected but so diverse in our taste. I like the sophisticated, chic kind of looks and she likes vibrant colours and very bright and flowy things," she shared.

Karisma was quite clear that Bebo was balancing motherhood as well as her work quite well and she was indeed proud of her baby sister.

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Kareena's balancing act- parenthood and work

Now with work commitments already lined up, it seems that the new mum has also quickly picked up ways to balance work and parenthood.

In the interview, Bebo clarified, “I think women love to multitask. And I think out there, there are more working women today, as there ever was. And in my family, my sister [Karisma Kapoor] has worked after her kids, my mother-in-law [Sharmila Tagore] has worked after her kids. In fact, when Saif [Ali Khan] was three years old she did act in films. She has always been a working woman, I have come from that family and been inspired by very strong women in my family. And of course, having a supportive family, supportive mother [Babita], sister, and father [Randhir Kapoor], who is extremely supportive and is always like ‘you should always work’. I have always balanced time between my husband and my work and I don’t see any difference now."

Bebo's reaction to balancing work and motherhood clearly reiterated what her sister Karisma said earlier about her being a pro at it. But since she's a celebrity she still has the luxury to hire help when needed.

But if you can't afford that luxury, what can you do?

3 practical tips for new parents

Dr Samir Parikh, director, Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Delhi, shares a few tips for new parents to cope with the change.

  • Create a strong support system:Modern new parents often try to work everything by themselves, but that’s exactly what can wear them out. It’s important that you seek help from your family members and friends when the need be. It’s best to ask for help sooner, rather than lament later.
  • You are not superhuman: There is nothing more harmful than a parent trying to be a perfectionist. Everything will fall apart at one point, but then it will also fall right back into place. All you need to practice as new parents is patience and let things happen at their own pace.
  • Take care of yourself: For you to completely take care of the baby, you must first be healthy and prepared yourself. Yes, it’s true that you cannot just leave your baby to somebody so you can sleep, but that’s exactly where help comes into picture. Get some rest and rejuvenate yourself before you dive into diaper duties.

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