Here's how single mum Sushmita Sen celebrated her 41st birthday!

Here's how single mum Sushmita Sen celebrated her 41st birthday!

Sushmita also revealed what her mother calls her lovingly!

Single mum and gorgeous actress Sushmita Sen turned 41 on 19th November and she made sure that she celebrated her birthday in style with the people she loves.

The actress was on a birthday vacation in Dubai and looked stunning as she posed for pictures with her near and dear ones, which she later posted on Instagram:


Sushmita looked stunning in a black printed dress and looked extremely happy with her adorable daughters Renee and Alisah, mummy Shubhra and her close friends. She captioned the pictures with her daughter: "My beautiful #heart n#soul. The little things they do ALL THE TIME to make life special!!! Thank you God for Renée n Alisah!!! Mmuuaah!!!!"

Sushmita Sen is indeed a role model for other mothers and is surely showing the world how to raise confident daughters single-handedly. Previously,  also she has shown how she is preparing her two adopted daughters by writing strong, emotional letters.

However, on her birthday she turned a child herself as she took a picture on her mother's lap and said that while the whole world knows her as Sushmita Sen, for her mother she would always be her baby Titan, which is her pet name.


A photo posted by Sushmita Sen (@sushmitasen47) on

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Sushmita indeed looked happy as she sat on her mother's lap and posed for a picture with her family. She captioned the picture:

"Thank you so much for all the #birthday wishes!!! While #SushmitaSen turns#41yrsold today... #Titan (my pet name) remains a baby!!! Seen here on my Maa's lap surrounded by people l love!!! What a happpyyyyy start to my birthday!!!my darling Tushna n Sreejaya???????? my babies Renée n Alisah!!!❤️️????????❤️ I love u guys!!!!"

Sushmita is surely been setting a precedence as a single mother and what's best about her is that she does it all in her own charismatic style. Like the emotional letter she had written to her daughter Renee that left us all teary-eyed.

A photo posted by Sushmita Sen (@sushmitasen47) on

This is what she wrote in the picture's caption: “We #mothers can really run out of #pages when #writing to our #children ????❤️ this card was given to #renée as she began her journey in a #boardingschool #2013 she says..either allow me to join #Instagram or post it on yours???? #sharing #loveletter #daughterschoice.”

Things every woman can learn from Sushmita Sen

1.Know what you want: At the age of 18, Sushmita knew that she wanted to be a Miss Universe. Later on, when other actresses were busy in pursuing their careers, she decided to adopt a child, which was considered to be a bold move from a young, unmarried actress.

2. Get what you want: So, not only did Sushmita win the Miss Universe title later on, she also adopted two daughters Alisah and Renee at a very young age.

3. Never forget about your "own" self: We women have different roles to play as a mother, daughter, wife etc, but most importantly it is essential to ensure that you are happy being what you are. So while you put the wishes of everyone above your own, make sure you take out some "me" time to indulge in what you like doing the most.

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