OMG! Here's how new dad Karan Johar lost 17 kilos in just four months

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After his children’s birth and his hectic lifestyle, Karan Johar felt he had put on weight and wanted to be fit again. So here's how he did it.

Director and producer Karan Johar has made several life-changing decisions over the past one year. From becoming a first-time dad to making a conscious effort to work on his health, Johar is treading un unchartered path.

But it looks like he has succeeded in every challenge he threw himself into. With some help he has managed to not only look after his twins but also lost 17 kilos in four months as a part of his healthy lifestyle plan.

Yes, you read that right.

Johar's high-intensity workout regime!

Johar lost a whopping 17 kilos in just four months, thanks to his trainer Kunal Gir who placed Johar on a high-intensity cardio routine and tracked his every meal carefully.

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“We alternate between weight training and water workout four times a week. When we first met, Karan told me he enjoyed swimming, so I’ve tried to incorporate a high intensity cardio session in the water as a substitute to regular cardio—and it’s a lot more intense,” Gir told Vogue about Johar's exercise routine, which he carries out three to four times each week.

"He eats every three hours"

As for dietary restrictions, Gir shared that Johar sticks to a strict no-sugar and no-carbohydrate diet and focusses on getting his proteins from eggs, meats and organic vegetables.

"He eats every three hours. He only eats food cooked in macadamia nut oil, and his fibre intake has increased since his body now responds to higher amounts of fibre,” says Gir.

Karan’s dedication has ensured he’s burned mostly fat

But even with all these restrictions, the celebrity trainer says that Johar has not drifted away and continues to be focussed.

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"A lot of people lose muscle mass instead of burning fat and that makes them weak. But Karan’s dedication to exercising and a good, healthy diet has ensured he’s not lost any muscle mass but burned mostly fat,” shares Gir.

Johar has also knocked 11 inches off his waist and has been looking slimmer, fitter and younger and all his recent social media images are proof.

Karan felt he had put on weight and wanted to be fit again

But let's not forget, this exercise regime was not for vanity. If you recall, right after the birth of his twins he wrote an emotional letter to them promising to be healthier and fitter so he could have more energy to be around them.

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Gir shared the same with a daily and said, "After his children’s birth and his hectic lifestyle, Karan felt he had put on weight and wanted to be fit again. Ranbir (Kapoor) recommended me to him. Karan told me his immediate objective was to lose excess weight and get fit."

Well, this exercise and diet regime is clearly working out for Johar just as it could for anybody who also follows a no-carb, no-sugar and high-intensity cardio routine.

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