Here's how nani Hema Malini is preparing for the arrival of daughter Esha Deol's baby

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Esha's delivery will happen in her maika...

Earlier this week we had told you that Hema Malini and Dharmendra's elder daughter Esha Deol is expecting her first child by end of this year. Now, the veteran actress and Rajya Sabha MP has finally made given an official confirmation of

Now, the veteran actress and Rajya Sabha MP has finally made an official confirmation of her daughter Esha'a pregnancy. The Bagbhan actress shared this news on Twitter with her fans.

Writer and journalist Ram Kamal Mukherji who is writing a book on Hema Malini's life was actually the first person to confirm Esha's pregnancy.


“Ya, actually I am writing a book so I visit their house often, and all I can say is Hemaji and the whole family is thrilled with Esha’s pregnancy, she is expecting the baby anytime in October, and she is at Hemaji’s house and Hemaji and Dharamji are obviously very happy! Bharat is also very excited and is taking most of the days off from work to spend time with Esha,” he had told The Indian Express.

Esha is staying with her mother for delivery

Now another source has revealed that Esha is staying in her maika until her delivery and the excited nani Hemaji has already started the preparations for the baby's arrival.


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“Now, Esha is staying with her mother, Hema Malini in her Juhu bungalow and visits her in-laws in Bandra regularly. An excited Hemaji is already planning how to make her room more child-friendly. The baby should arrive towards the year-end," reports a popular entertainment portal.

Three reasons why maika is the best place for your delivery

It's also obvious that grandparents-to-be, Hema and Dharmendra, are super excited and elated to welcome another baby after their first grandchild Darien Vohra, son of Hema Malini's youngest daughter Ahana Deol. Perhaps this is the reason why they want Esha to be with them at her childhood home for the delivery.


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Many women opt to have their baby delivered in their maika. While some do it due to their family tradition, others chose to have their baby at their mother's home due to the many benefits associated with it:

1. Your mother is there with you: The first and foremost reason is that maika is the place where you mother is and she is someone who knows better than anyone else in this world. Childbirth is indeed a lifetime experience for a woman as she becomes a mother at that time and if you happen to be with your own mum at that time, it's a priceless feeling.

2.You are in your comfort zone: We all agree that in our hearts, the place where we've grown up at would and always remain our first home. It is our very own comfort zone, a place where we can be ourselves and not worry about others. Besides, you maika has so many special memories attached to it.

3.You get maximum rest: Since you're being cared for by your mother, she will ensure that you get maximum rest and are away from all the stress, which like it or not cannot be done if you happen to be in your sasural. Don't you agree?

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