Here's how Geeta and Harbhajan Singh's daughter celebrated her first Lohri!

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The new parents shared a bevy of pictures with daughter Hinaya, from their gorgeous pink-themed celebrations

New parents Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh are over the moon. Not only did their baby girl, Hinaya Heer, turn five months recently, but she also celebrated her first Lohri with her entire family.

Yes, that's correct.

Considered to be one of the most important festivals in Punjab, Lohri is celebrated with much gusto in North India, especially if it's a baby's first Lohri. Naturally, this being Hinaya's first Lohri celebrations, the new parents made sure it was a grand celebration.

Just hours before the actual celebrations began, Geeta gave her fans a sneak peek into the preparations with an adorable family picture.

She shared the image on her Instagram handle and wrote: "Happy first Lohri to our life.. our heartbeat Hinaya Heer! May You always be protected by the Almighty &we wish you nothing but the best!"

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Pink and mint themed decor

Once the preparations were in place, Geeta Basra shared a bevy of pictures from their gorgeous pink-themed celebrations and also shared a video that gave a good in sight into the celebrations.

You can see how wonderfully the entire place was done up and how many family pictures were hung all over the place.

Geeta even thanked the organisers and wrote: "hank you Ramit for such beautiful decor you created for Hinaya's first lohri! Couldn't have asked for anything more spectacular."

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Interestingly, the family posed together in their coordinated outfits along with friends including ace designer Archana Kochhar.

Kochhar even shared a picture from the do captioning it: "What a beautiful way to celebrate Baby Hinaya's first Lohri @geetabasra @harbhajan3 thank you for having me over. What a lovely lovely celebration! God bless your daughter with happiness and joy #lohri #punjab #festival."

This is perhaps the first time Harbhajan and Geeta have shared all-access pictures on their social media handle. They have so practiced restrained, sharing only a few pictures of their baby girl. But it seems they don't mind anymore since their daughter is growing up fast.

And while the couple did share many pictures from the Lohri festival, there was one picture that caught out attention. It was an ode from the new mum to her entire family and it was just plain adorable.

Continue reading to see why Harbhajan Singh feels his daughter looks like him. 

Geeta's emotional ode to her family

The new parents have so far been discreet with their parenting style, only revealing a few details about their baby girl so far. In fact, if you recall Bhajji pajji had recently shared his daughter's napping schedule and how he was being a hands-on father.

“When she sleeps, we sleep. When she is up, we are up. I am doing all to be a great dad to her. Just want to be the best one for my little one. Hopefully, I can fulfil all her needs,” he shared. And it seems that the parents are loving their new role.

In fact, along with the many pictures from their recently concluded Lohri ceremony, Geeta also shared a picture of her three and gave the picture an emotional caption: "My world," she wrote.

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Who does Hinaya Heer resemble?

Interestingly, as any new parent even Harbhajan and Geeta are also trying to get to know their daughter well, and that exercise began with who Hinaya looked like more.

New dad shared a picture of his young self and added his daughter's picture next to it and suggested that she looked quite like him.

He captioned the picture: "When Daddy was a lil Nonu....and now daddy's lil Nonu #closeenough? #myjaan #mylife #myuniverse #myhappiness #Hinayaheerplaha." Now that's adorable. We think so too, Bhajji pajji!

While we now know that Hinaya looks quite like daddy, it remains to be seen how she'll turn out temperamentally. In any case, it is considered lucky for a girl, if she resembles her father. yes, that's correct.

When kids are like their dads

Genetically speaking, science has proved that most people actually 'use' their father's DNA more than their mothers'. The scientists working on the study stated that, "If inherited from the mother, the gene wouldn't be expressed as much as it would be if it were inherited from the father."

But in India, there is a superstition that if a girl resembles her father, she is lucky and if a boy resembles the mother, he is lucky. Alas! These are just heresy, without any scientific proof!

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