Here's what exactly happened in the Rhea Pillai and Leander Paes 'love saga!'

Here's what exactly happened in the Rhea Pillai and Leander Paes 'love saga!'

Bombay High Court has admitted Pillai's plea seeking a review of a previous order that held that her live-in relationship with Leander Paes did not qualify her as his wife

If you have been following the news you'd probably know that model Rhea Pillai has been fighting a bitter sole custody and maintenance battle with ex-partner and tennis star Leander Paes.

The couple who were once in a live-in relationship (after Pillai's divorce from actor Sanjay Dutt in 2008) are parents to 10-year-old Aiyana, and have been unable to come to an amicable conclusion about the two issues.

Rhea Pillai never married Leander Paes

Where on one hand, Leander claims that Rhea was technically not his wife since they were living-in together, Rhea has been fighting a case to determine her status in the relationship.

She has to prove whether she lived in the capacity of his wife or a concubine- whose status is lower than that of a wife and akin to a servant.

But now the fight has moved to a higher level! Yes, that's correct.

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Rhea Pillai will now fight it out in High Court

The Bombay High Court has reportedly admitted Pillai's plea seeking a review of an order by the sessions court that held that her relationship (live-in) with Paes did not qualify her as his wife.

This order comes after the sessions court ruled in favour of Paes in November 2015.

The problem started when in 2013 their relationship soured and Pillai filed a case of domestic violence against Paes and his father in 2013 at a magistrate court. Paes then fought the case and it went to the sessions court, where the court ruled in his favour. But his lawyer Abaad Ponda told the court that they were not opposed to the idea of taking the case back to the magistrate court.

Proof of Paes accepting Rhea Pillai as 'wife'

It is reported that Pillai’s lawyer Rumi Mira categorically stated that there was proof that Leander Paes admitted to Pillai being his wife and Aiayana, his daughter.

"Now that it is going against them, they want to go back to the Magistrate Court. I will go into the trial. I don’t mind, but let the case here be admitted," said Mira.

India still unaccepting of modern relationships?

Even though the Supreme Court ruled last year that live-in relationships are now acceptable in India, it seems that there are still many hurdles for modern couples.

The honourable court had categorically stated that "if a man and a woman lived like husband and wife" for a long period and had children, then the judiciary would presume that the two were married and the woman would be eligible to inherit the property after death of her partner."

Now with this case, it remains to be seen how 'modern' our society truly is to not term a women in a live-in relationship a 'concubine!'

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