Wow! Dad Randhir Kapoor finally reveals daughter Karisma's marriage plans

Wow! Dad Randhir Kapoor finally reveals daughter Karisma's marriage plans

"She is a happy mother and if she wants, she can get married any time"

Just days after daughter Karisma Kapoor's ex-husband Sunjay Kapur tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Priya Sachdev, her father Randhir Kapoor has finally shared her future plans.

It seems that single mum Karisma has moved on from her previous marriage and is quite happy in her current relationship. The actress is reportedly dating pharmaceutical honcho and the much-married Sandeep Toshniwal.

The duo have come out together in public many times and he has also been part of 'Kapoor's only' events like Babita's 70th birthday and the famous Kapoor khandaan brunches and dinners.

And while most people speculated that she may not immediately settle down with her current beau, dad Randhir Kapoor shed some light on the subject.

Karisma's future plans of marriage

While speaking to a daily Randhir shared that Lolo (as Karisma is fondly nicknamed by her family) is well settled in her life at the moment and is in no rush to get married.

“I think Lolo is very well settled and happy. I have never discussed the issue of marriage with her but if she does plan to, she will always have my blessings. But I don’t think she wants to get married," he told DNA.

The doting father who has always supported Karisma and even spoke out against the allegations during her divorce is confident that she will make the right decision about her life. He added that since she is a single mother, her children Samaira and Kiaan Raj, are her first priority.

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Children first, marriage later

"She is a happy mother and if she wants, she can get married any time but there is no step in that direction right now. She is happy the way she is. Lolo is an excellent mother who dotes on her children and probably doesn’t feel the need to get married," he shared.

In fact, he even added that his family is extremely close and therefore, each other's happiness matters a lot. For him at the moment, his grandkids are the love of his life.

"My grandchildren are my lifeline. I adore them and look forward to the time I get to meet and play with them. We Kapoors are very family-minded people. For us only family is important and we make it a point to attend each others birthday parties and special occasions," he shared.

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It seems that Lolo is taking one-step-at-a-time and like her father mentioned, she's in no hurry to get married just one year post her divorce. This has also got a lot to do with her children, who are growing up and are quite aware of the new man in her life.

But this transition from a divorced single mum to a newlywed is never an easy one, perhaps not even for Lolo. However, there are a few things single parents in this situation can do to ease the new partner into their family and the hearts of their kids.

3 ways of  blending a family and trying to survive

We spoke to Anuja Kapur, a Delhi-based clinical psychologist who shared the steps with which single parents can ease their new partners into their kids' lives.

  • Talk openly with your children: Let them know you still care about them and that they're not being replaced or forgotten. Invite them to express their thoughts and emotions, and be open to making changes in how you handle the transition.
  • Empathize and sympathise with their feelings: Regardless of your children's ages, remarriage evokes strong feelings that they may not understand or be able to communicate. Children see remarriage as a loss — often at the end of a string of losses. Validate your children's feelings by listening to and acknowledging their concerns.
  • Allow children to take time to adjust: While children may eventually embrace the new relationships, few do so at first. Be sensitive to this need for time to adjust. Do not force children to accept the situation. You can, however, expect them to be courteous and respectful.

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