Here's how you can keep the romance alive after the kids arrive

Here's how you can keep the romance alive after the kids arrive

Keep the romance alive, even after your kids arrive, by altering a few things in your routine life.

Becoming a parent can be a life-altering experience for most couples. A new entrant in the family may sometimes change family dynamics and even affect your romantic lives. New parents often struggle with physical and emotional pressures of lowered sexual desire because of this change.

Luckily, you can still manage to keep the romance alive by altering a few things in your routine life. Here's how you can do it.

Re-connect emotionally

A baby can change the emotional dynamics of a couple as it can be stressful to dedicate the same time to your relationship as before. But here’s how you can change that.

• Time out: Squeeze in some time just for the two of you to reconnect. Put the baby to sleep early and sit with each other and discuss the ways in which you can make changes in your relationships to accommodate the new arrival.
• Ask for help: Since you cannot leave your child alone, take the help of your friends or relatives to baby sit when you are extremely busy. Do not be shy to ask for help.
• Do common things together: When together, do things that both of you love and enjoy doing with each other such as watching a movie or listening to music.
• Be supportive: Parenthood can be overwhelming, especially for a mother, and that makes it even more important to support each other’s decisions.
• Share work: When you become parents you need to share the chores.  Helping your wife would not only make her less stressful, it will also uplift her mood. Dividing the responsibilities would also give you some extra free time that you could use to spend with each other.

Amp up your sex life

Sex will not be the first thing on your wife’s mind after she becomes a mum. Gradually when she comes to terms with motherhood, physically and emotionally, you can perhaps make the first moves to rev up the romance. Here's what you can do:

• Little things matter: If you don’t get time for anything else when your baby arrives, you can surprise each other, for instance, with love notes or a bouquet of flowers or even a small peck on the cheek.
• No-baby zone: Create a no-baby zone in your house and ask a relative or a friend to baby sit for a few hours while you are alone at home together.
• Playtime: Spruce up your sex life by using sex toys and trying new positions. You can also change the settings and make use of scented candles, body butters and the like to get things heated up in the bedroom.
• Date nights: Ask for a friend or a trusted relative to watch the kids and plan a date night. Go for a movie and watch it while holding hands or go for a candlelight dinner to a romantic restaurant of your choice.
• Embrace yourself: Becoming a mother can change your body, but that does not mean that you have become less attractive. Always remember that for your husband you will always remain his wife and the mother of his child. What can be more attractive that that, right?

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Pranav Kaul

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