Hema Malini has already finalised THIS creative vocation for Esha's baby!

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Hema Malini is clear that whether daughter Esha Deol has a girl or a boy, the kid will have to learn this particular vocation.

With Esha Deol's delivery date inching closer, there is palpable excitement and joy at her home.

Family members are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her little bub and have already celebrated her pregnancy with two lavish godh bharai parties.

However, there is one person who is perhaps the most excited and looking forward to holding her second grandchild- naani-to-be Hema Malini.

The legendary actor who will become a grandmother for the second time has been making elaborate arrangements since she found out about Esha's pregnancy.

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"Esha told me when the time comes I will tell you"

The excited naani-to-be shared that Esha told her about the pregnancy much later and asked her to wait for the big reveal.

"I was waiting for that (Esha’s pregnancy) and sensed it was happening but I didn’t want to ask. Esha told me when the time comes I will tell you. I said fine, I will wait. But we were always praying for the best to happen so we are very excited about it!" said Malini.

Even Esha shared that while she waited for the big revelation, somehow her mum guessed it.

"Nobody knew it officially. You only tell after three months na? I hadn't told even my mom and dad about it. But somehow they had guessed that I was carrying," she shared adding that once the news was out, their reaction was priceless.

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The doting grandmum-to-be also shared that she has been making special arrangements for the arrival of her grandchild.

"My daughter is staying with me and I am looking after her as a mother. We keep talking about kya karna hai, kaise karna hai (what to do, how to do it)...," she shared adding that while pre-baby preparations are almost through, they are now planning on what to do once the baby is born.

"If it’s a girl, I will teach her Bharatnatyam"

Interestingly, Hema Malini has some ideas about what she wants her grandchild to learn.

"If it’s a girl, I will teach her Bharatnatyam. If it’s a boy, he will have to learn the Georgian dance!" she shared.

Well, clearly the naani-to-be cannot wait for her second grandchild and is already planning his/her vocation; and you should too if you are expecting.

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Yes, that's correct.

Science has proved that creative vocations such as singing and dancing can have a positive impact on the mind, body and soul of a child. So here's why you should enroll your kid in a creative vocation as well:

  • Music and sound is used by a baby since his birth. First, it is to indicate that he is hungry or needs help or attention. And later he uses it for more verbal expressions. Creative vocation such as singing or learning an instrument can also help kids learn rhyme and structure without actually using a language.
  • Dance on the other hands helps in the development of spatial awareness among kids. It also helps them become more coordinated, creative and active. Not to forget, dance is a great way to express one's emotions and feelings and by enrolling your kinds in a vocation that enourages expression, you help them develop an extrovert personality.

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