"Help! I think my maid is practicing black magic on my family!"

"Help! I think my maid is practicing black magic on my family!"

Maids practicing black magic, though uncommon, is not unheard of. What should you do if you suspect your maid of practicing black magic?

Maids practicing black magic on their employers, while uncommon, isn’t totally unheard of. One theAsianparent Community user posted a question concerning her suspicions of her maid practicing black magic.

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The anonymous user didn’t go into the details, but the theAsianparent Community community still tried their best to help her out. Here’s what they said.

Communicate with your maid

“Instead of having such suspicions, how about having a chat with her?” Jacq N. wrote.

These suspicions could simply stem from cultural differences. Perhaps the original poster found something unfamiliar lying around her home, and reacted with fear. However, it could have been something totally harmless.

“You should definitely have a talk with her if you feel uncomfortable or suspicious about something,” wrote Yuna L. “Have you seen strange paraphernalia lying around and that’s why you have your suspicions? If so, best to clarify with her.”

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Investigate the reason behind her behavior

If your maid has been acting strangely, you might want to know why. It’s possible that someone in your family has been mistreating her. “I think you should be more worried about why she is doing this,” Ester E. responded. “What has happened that has warranted this kind of retribution? Also, there is no scientific basis for black magic and voodoos. Purely psychological.”

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If you’re uncomfortable with your maid, send her back

You should feel safe in your own home. If you have strong feelings that your maid wishes harm on you and your family, you shouldn’t keep her in your house longer than you should.

Of course, if you find family photos bunched up with feathers and candles in your maid’s room, that should be enough for you to give her the boot—regardless of whether or not you believe in black magic.

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