India is ready for more students - How to help yours study better!

India is ready for more students - How to help yours study better!

The competition is fierce when it comes to education, and mums know all about it. These are a few things you can do to help your kid study better.

Yesterday, the IITs agreed to add more seats to their undergraduate and postgraduate programmes over the next three years. The proposal was approved “in principle” during the meeting of the IIT Council chaired by HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar. The number of seats would be increased to one lakh in the 23 IITs. This is a great piece of news for the aspirants and the parents alike.

Many students leave their hometowns to go to Kota and prepare for the JEE. But IITs are not the only institutions that are increasing seats. There are many new premier colleges coming up for various disciplines in India.

However, this is a slow reaction to the increasing number of students each year. When your child studies, there is always going to be some other child out there who is studying harder than him! How to ensure that yours is studying properly? Here are some tips for you to help him study better.

1# Remove distractions

As a student, the only distraction in my life was TV. And my mum ensured that this was limited to the summer vacations! But, when I look at my nephews today, they are surrounded by distractions!

There is TV of course. In addition, they have their phones and tablets. They have PlayStations and online games! Even the educational material is available online these days!

If you want to ensure that your kid studies properly, remove the distractions one by one.

  • Set their study table in a room without a bed. Encourage learning from books than from online resources.
  • Keep the PC in the living room instead of his bedroom.
  • If they own phones, ensure that they are surrendered to you once they are back home.
  • Switch off the wifi at night. Change the password regularly to avoid misuse.
  • Agree upon a time for their online presence.

2# Keep a schedule

There is so much chaos in our lives today that we have to be strict about what our kids are doing. Keeping a schedule or a 'timetable' as my mum liked to say, will help them immensely.

Work with your kid to set up some short term goals. The timetable is useless if it is not time bound! Encourage your kid to understand the concepts of the subject and test them periodically. You will have to work with him for that! AVOID ROTE LEARNING! This has not helped anyone in the long term.

Unless you are taking a vacation, try and stick to the schedule. That would mean you having a schedule of your own. Avoid distractions in your life and the distractions in his life would reduce automatically!

Read on to find out how to help your kid reach his full potential

3# Encourage him to engage in physical activities

This is the most important part of the learning process. Physical activities like sports, gymnastics lead to a release of endorphins. These, in turn, elevate the mood of your child. It has been observed that children who play outside during the day sleep well at night. They also eat well. Ensure that the child gets a balanced diet.

4# Ensure he is facing healthy competition

There are always going to be some fiercely competitive kids who would not stop at anything to 'win'. While these kids are achievers, they are not always the best company for your kid.

Understand the temperament of your child. If he is an outgoing person, encourage him to mix with kids that love competition. Enrol him for all the possible exams you can, and he will have a blast!

However, if your kid is an introvert, don't push him towards competition. That will just break his spirits. Work with him to his strengths and he will bloom in a way you would never expect!

5# Be patient and encouraging

If I say that the competition is fierce, it would be an understatement. Your kid is probably spending all his awake time juggling studies, sports, extra-curricular activities. In all probability, he does not even have the Sundays free!

While this is a need of the hour, it is imperative that you are patient with him. have a realistic idea about where he stands. Teach him to assess himself realistically. Once you do that, work on his strengths and his weaknesses alike. At his age, being wide is more important than being sharp!

Your kid is your contribution to the society. It is your obligation to prepare your kid to live up to his full potential. I hope these tips help you do it.

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(Image courtesy: The Hindu)

Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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