Mums beware! These 'healthy' fads maybe ruining your bodies

Mums beware! These 'healthy' fads maybe ruining your bodies

Some 'healthy' fads sound magical when our favourite celebrities endorse them. But in reality they may not work for you at all. Here's why.

Whenever we hear our favourite celebrities raving about healthy fads that worked for them, we immediately jump on the bandwagon. "Hey! If it worked for them, it'll probably work for us too," we think.

But more often than not, these so-called 'healthy' fads are more of marketing gimmicks. In fact, many of them are highly-influenced by the West and their food. So they may actually not work for most Indians.

For instance, having avocado on toast for breakfast is a concept that we borrowed from the West. But what's wrong with eating poha, upma and idli. They are high on proteins, essential nutrients and oils and provide energy at the same time. Plus, keeping up with a concept that is not local can be expensive and not to forget inaccessible sometimes.

Similarly, there are many healthy fads that have made their way into the market and promptly into our homes. Perhaps, you also follow some of these and may need a reminder about why you must stop.

Healthy fads that are not so healthy after all

There is nothing wrong with trying something new. Change is always good, even for our body. But in changing your diet, you shouldn't blindly follow a fad. Here are some that you might be trying, but perhaps need to stop.

1. Saying no to dairy

You might have heard people talk about eliminating dairy from their diet. In some cases, where a person is lactose intolerant or dairy is causing acne, it may be recommended for medical reasons. But what about the rest of you? Why are you eliminating dairy?

Replacing cow's milk with almond milk or coconut milk may sound good. But the amount of calcium that is present in cow's milk is not present in almond or coconut milk. As women, we need to include more calcium into out bodies as we menstruate each month and lose a lot of blood. Calcium from milk and green vegetables helps to replenish that loss.

So while you can try this fad, do not stick to it.

2. Saying no to gluten

Gluten is a protein that is found is wheat and grains such as barley, oats and rye. So people who develop the coeliac disease (allergy from gluten proteins) might be recommended a gluten-free diet.

But as Indians, we have been eating chapattis and paranthas since our childhood. So what's stopping you now?

A gluten-free diet eliminates proteins coming from these grains. Yes, you have to maintain a balance between how much carbohydrates your body needs and how much to take. But eliminating essential protiens and grains from your diet just because you heard a celebrity rave about gluten-free doesn't mean you should incorporate it.

Do you want your growing kids to live without dals, rotis and paranthas? Perhaps not.

3. Saying yes to cold-pressed juices

Till about a decade back, nobody even knew what a cold-press juice means. But now this juice that is made by pressing fruits and vegetables is all the rage in the market. Companies are hitting coffee shops with windows lined with cold-press juices.

But they forget to tell you that cold-press juices do not have the fibre that you get from when you squeeze a fruit or a vegetable.

So the next time you want to have juice, do not waste you money on expensive cold-press juices. Opt instead, for fresh juices that you can either make yourself or buy at a fresh juice counter.

4. Saying no to egg yolks

Unless you really do not like the taste or texture of egg yolks, there is no reason to throw away the most nutritional part of the egg. Yes, it has fat, but it is also has essential nutrients as well as good cholesterol.

So throwing away the yolk in the fear of eliminating cholesterols is not such a good idea. In case you are wondering, the egg yolk does not increase bad cholesterol in the body. However, as with everything else, you should not go overboard with this healthy fad as well.

5. Saying yes to low-fat foods

This is perhaps one of the most common healthy fads followed across the globe. Most low-fat foods are often loaded with extra sugar. And honestly, chucking all the fat and oils from your food isn't that good for your body either.

Your body needs oils, carbohydrates, starch and proteins. So eliminating all of it will be like going on a crash diet with cardboard as your food. Basically, the worst decision you will make.

So avoid these healthy fads and continue eating locally produced foods. Eat that yolk, don't say 'no' to cow's milk and don't shy away from going to your local juicewala for a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Of course, as everything your intake of regular desi food should be based on your digestive abilities and requirements.

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Written by

Deepshikha Punj

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