Junk food to go off the shelf in school canteens

Junk food to go off the shelf in school canteens

FSSAI guidelines plan to scratch out junk food from school canteens. With this, find out how to inculcate healthy eating habits in kids to prevent unhealthy cravings

healthy eating habits in kids

Inculcate healthy eating habits in kids at home

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued fresh guidelines to school canteens across India in an effort to reduce alarming rates of childhood obesity, NDTVFood reports. The guidelines also urge to create a canteen policy and school health programmes that educate parents and children about the bad effects of consuming junk food.

The programme also aims to restrict vendors from selling sugary, salty or fatty foods within 50 metres of the school’s premises. This includes deep fried and extra sweet foods such as potato chips, burgers, ready-to-eat noodles or carbonated drinks.

As parents, it is ideally we who should inculcate healthy eating habits in our children from a very young age. When we allow our child to indulge into packaged or outside food, we rarely realise the amount of harmful ingredients that we introduce into their systems.

Most often the ingredients present in packaged or processed foods contribute to more than a day’s content of salt, sugar or fat needed for a healthy body. While your child’s school canteen will soon be serving healthy food, it’s still quite an effort to ensure a child does not give in junk cravings often when he’s out and about. Here’s how you can inculcate healthy eating habits in kids.

Cultivate healthy eating habits in kids

  • Explain to your child what excess sugar or fatty food does to a healthy body with the help of teaching aids such as videos or stories
  • Try to limit the intake of excessively greasy, sugar-dense food when you eat at restaurants. Aim for roasted, grilled or lighter foods instead
  • Eat often as a family at regular meal times to avoid your kids from snacking unhealthy at odd hours
  • Encourage in some fun physical activity as a family so that the importance of exercise is recognised
  • Try to make different recipes from the ingredient your child likes in an effort to get him eat healthy
  • Pack a variety of mini tiffin boxes so that your child has enough food to munch when he’s out
  • Involve your child in the cooking. When children are a part of the process, they develop an interest in it
  • Eat healthy and exercise as a parent to inspire your child

Do you know how to inculcate healthy eating habits in kids? Please share in the Comment box below.

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