Celebrity dad story: Tusshar Kapoor on having a baby through surrogacy

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Celebrity single dad Tusshar Kapoor on his experience of having a baby through surrogacy

Whether you are facing any medical problems or want to stay single, you need not deprive yourself of the wonderful experience of parenting anymore. With advancement in the medical field, having a baby through surrogacy is becoming easier by the day. 

Celebrity single dad Tusshar Kapoor, who opted for having a baby through surrogacy, opens up about his experience on this episode of Nine Months Season 2. In a heartwarming chat with anchor and new mum Meghna Pant, Tusshar talks about the joys of parenting. Take a look.

Tusshar shares that his paternal instincts had kicked in around the age of 35. At that time he had started feeling paternal towards his pet. And then every time he would see parents with their babies and kids, Tusshar wondered how would it be to have a baby of his own. 

But despite such feelings, Tusshar didn’t know how to go about such procedures. He says he would give the credit for his decision to director Prakash Jha, who gave him confidence about having a baby through surrogacy. 

Tusshar’s experience of having a baby through surrogacy

having a baby through surrogacy

Tusshar Kapoor opted for having a baby through surrogacy

Celebrity dad Tusshar shares that before taking this step, he was not unsure, but nervous. He thought that probably his single parenthood through surrogacy may not be accepted by those around him. He was especially nervous about the kind of reactions his celebrity status would bring his way. Tusshar says that he thought there could be an outcry or protests. And that’s what made him anxious.

But Tusshar was in for a wonderful surprise because his decision was positively received. He was happy that rather than judging him people congratulated him. He also shares that he received a lot of messages from people saying that they felt inspired as well. 

Tusshar also shares about his parenting journey as a single dad. So if you are a surrogate parent or planning to opt for this procedure, watch the full episode right here

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