Kudos! Martyr’s wife keeps her promise, all set to join the Indian Army

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Don't underestimate the power of an Army wife!

Last year, when her husband Major Amit Deswal was martyred in a counter-insurgency operation in Manipur, 33-year-old Neeta Deswal had decided to pay tribute to him by joining the Indian Army.

"Initially, I was not sure about how to proceed with life after Amit's death, but the Army has taken care of me and my son like family. This is why I have decided to join the Army. It would be a tribute to my husband, " she told the Times of India on June 24, 2016.

Days passed and everyone forgot about it, but there was one woman who remembered every word that she had said. And, now after less than a year of her husband's death, she's all set to start her course at the Officers Training Academy in Chennai and train as an Army officer.

"My husband was my hero and serving in the Army will keep him with me forever," Neeta Deswal said as she interacted with the media after her selection was announced.

While there was no dearth of opportunities for her, Neeta chose to join the Army as the Indian Army had treated her like family and had left no stone unturned in taking care of her and her three-year-old son after her husband's death.


Even the Haryana government had come forward to support Neeta and had promised her a job, but she chose the road less travelled.

Neeta belongs to Surehati village in Haryana's Jhajjar district. Her husband, 34-year-old Major Deswal of 21 Para (Special Forces), was posted in Manipur as part of Operation Hifazat-II when he was killed in a gun battle with militants on April 14 last year.

The power of an Army wife

Neeta has been selected as a Short Service Commission officer and will begin her 49 weeks of intensive training from April 1. She will be undergoing training to get commissioned as a lieutenant.

Neeta's story is one small example of what a woman, especially a wife is capable of doing against all odds. Neeta could have easily taken up the cushiony government job that was being offered to her, but she chose a different path. Here's what we all can learn from her:

1. Don't lose hope: As a woman, a wife and a mother, there'll be plenty of challenges thrown right at your face, but the one thing that would keep you going is hope and the determination to hit your goal.

2. Don't let adversities change you: Neeta made this statement a year before and exactly after her husband's death. Many said at that time that she was making an emotional statement. But she proved them wrong and how!

3. Remember that your child is watching you: Adversities can make or break a person and the one person that gets affected by it the most is your child. Being strong and in control of the situation can definitely be an example for your child and would help him deal with problems later on.

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